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Kit Harington Checks Himself into a Wellness Center for This Heartbreaking Reason

After eight long years, millions of Game of Thrones fans worldwide were devastated to see the epic to the fantasy series come to an end. While some people were relieved to see their favorite characters making it out alive after the spine-tingling finale, others weren’t quite happy with the ending.

Millions of enraged fans accused D.B. Weiss and David Benioff for ruining the eight long years of epic story-building and foreshadowing only to have a rushed last season. It seems the fans are not the only ones who were affected by the show’s ending.

One of its main actors, Kit Harington, secretly checked into a wellness center after the last episode of Game of Thrones was aired last month. What could be the reason behind his sudden breakdown? Let’s read and find out.

A Much-Needed Break

While some of GoT’s famous stars like Sophie Turner are already gearing up for their next big projects after wrapping up Game of Thrones filming, one of the show’s most beloved actors, Kit Harington, who played Jon Snow, opted to take an indefinite break from his showbiz career.

Kit Harington reportedly became emotional when he read the final script where his character, Jon Snow, had to

Kit Harington reportedly became emotional when he read the final script where his character, Jon Snow, had to kill Daenerys Targaryen in the last episode

The actor is getting treatment at a luxe rehabilitation center in Connecticut where a single night’s stay costs $4000 whereas an entire month can set you back a whopping $140,000. But money is no issue for Kit who reportedly made $1 million per episode on the show.

In an official statement, Harington’s representative said that the actor took a much-needed break after the show’s ending to focus on his health and wellbeing. The representatives added that Harington was struggling with some personal issues that he experienced during the filming of the blockbuster series.

Alcohol Addiction

While the spokesperson declined to give specific details about Harington’s admission, his co-stars have a hunch as to what compelled the actor to undergo psychological coaching. Based on Harington’s past interviews, the actor has been struggling to cope with stardom and immense fame the show brought him.

Kit's co-GOT stars expressed their support for Kit's decision and they hope the actor fully recovers soon.

Kit’s co-stars expressed their support for his decision and they hope the actor fully recovers soon

Sophie Turner also said that Kit had to shoot for 70 nights straight for the last two seasons of the show, especially for that epic battle in season 8. Kit’s hectic schedule put a strain on his relationships and forced him to be away from his family and wife for days on end.

She also speculates the stress from the shooting plus the pressure from devoted fans took a toll on Kit’s mental health. Kit also became increasingly dependent on alcohol to cope with his struggles, eventually spiraling down a dangerous path of addiction.

The Breaking Point

Alcohol addiction aside, Kit has confessed to other emotional struggles, especially his attachment with the show that has been a massive part of his life for the past decade. The actor even broke down after wrapping up shooting for his final scene in Season 8.

He revealed he was just fine on the last day of shooting but he started hyperventilating when the sad reality that he’ll never come back on set began to set in.

Rose Leslie reveals she supports her husband's decision and she'll be by his side as they work together for his recovery.

Rose Leslie supports her husband’s decision and vows to be by his side on his road to recovery

Kit thought that he would sigh in relief once the show ended, and maybe even cut his iconic hair but the reality was far from it and found the farewell emotional beyond words.

A clip from the bonus episode even showed Kit suddenly breaking down after being hit by a mixture of grief and anguish. Ever since the show ended, the actor has been struggling to cope with his emotions as he bid goodbye to the stars and crews who have become an essential part of his life for the past eight years.

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