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Here’s Why your Grandma Always Has a Smiling Face. Read Now to Find Out the Healthy Benefits of Knitting

It is that time of the year when your grandma takes out needles and starts knitting for the winters. A study has found that people who do knitting as a hobby are less prone to having depression are unlikely to feel anxious, can slow the process of dementia and are more likely to avoid chronic pain.

Knitting is more than the periodic movement of needles

A knitting charity that knits for people who are in need conducted research and concluded that knitting is healthier for the peace of mind and has health benefits. The study is backed by previous studies on knitting.

The research carried out a survey of more than 1000 people who did knitting as a hobby or are involved in professional knitting. Most of the candidates who were involved in the study said that it is a hobby and has meditative benefits.

What goes behind the movement of needles?

The continuous movement of needles while doing knit one and purl one results in handwoven scarves, warm shawls and cozy pairs of beautiful mittens and helps release the serotonin from the brain that helps distract the physical and mental pains.

Health benefits of knitting

A study published in Occupational Therapy Journal of Britain has concluded that more than 80 percent of the people who were surveyed for the study said that they felt happier after knitting. Another research found out that the actions of knitting are beneficial in lowering the heart rate. The catch behind the study is that when a person does knitting, his heartbeat can reduce by an average of 11 beats per minute.

The continuous habit of knitting can play an elemental role in the relaxation of the mind and gives power to the brain. It is a proven fact that people who do knitting always are 50% less prone to suffer from cognitive impairment.  Most of the people said that knitting is beneficial for their mind as it releases their stress and helps in reducing anxiety.

Knitting kills loneliness

While knitting is done as a hobby or just in need case, but is found beneficial for a healthy mind and heart. Knitting kills depression. The hobby is mainly associated with the elderly but can fight loneliness, which is a plague that millions of elders face. This hobby also provides them with a feeling of usefulness, fulfillment, and inclusion.

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