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Here’s How You Can Get out Of the Evil Clutches of Your Smartphone

A study conducted in 2018 found that an average Smartphone user picks up their phone about 150 times a day. And yes, that is not a typo! It’s a common sight to see everyone on their phones all the time – at dinner time, in family meet-ups, during a reunion with friends, and even at work. We are all so addicted to our devices that we don’t let them go even while driving or crossing the road.


Unsplash | We have become addicted to our Smartphones

The same study also concluded that the overuse of Smartphones could result in a lower attention span. The study points out that even as we live our everyday lives, our minds are always somewhere else. And isn’t it true?

How often has it happened that you’re performing a daily chore like cleaning while your mind is pondering over the fewer likes on your pictures or an active onset of FOMO? Not only that, but the harmful elements induced by social media have disturbed our life to such an extent, that it is surprising we actually get anything done!

Our Attention Span Is Suffering At The Hands of Our Smartphones

With access to everything on our fingertips, we’ve got a lot of distractions to deal with. But it is essential to realize that if one is inattentive and commits even a slight mistake, it could mean the end of a job. It could also wreck a relationship. A study conducted in the Netherlands suggested that those who overused Smartphones tended to have sleep issues and lower academic performance.


Unsplash | Those who overuse Smartphones have sleep issues and lower academic performance

Unsurprisingly, another study at Baylor University found that Smartphones can negatively impact relationships. With our attention spans reducing due to excessive usage, it could lead to depression as well. All studies commonly point out that we have stopped living our lives and are continually trying to get lost in the digital world. And this can result in a lot of issues.

How We Can Get Out of This Vicious Circle

If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken the first step of acknowledging that you are being sucked in by the evil powers of Smartphones. It would be best if you accepted that while devices make living convenient, too much of anything is wrong.

It is a good idea to stop being very active on social media and not to place too many sentiments on the photos people keep sharing. Social media validation will do little in allowing you to live your life happily. 


Unsplash | Exercising control with Smartphone usage is the only way out

If we believe restricting screen time for children is apt, we should consider doing something similar for ourselves. Establishing ‘No phone’ rules during family meet-ups can be a good idea. Likewise, dinner time could be the time for the entire family to catch up over their day together instead of busily tapping away on their respective phones.

This is not only going to help you lead an emotionally and psychologically healthy life, but you will also be spending time with those that matter the most.

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