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How to Develop a Sense of Belonging

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong – whether it’s at a new workplace or new residence or even amongst a new group of friends? Many people may feel that way but some mask it better than others, so you’d see them becoming the center of the attention and be considered as a friend to many. You might even consider them extroverts or exceedingly social but would be surprised to know that often, even such people don’t feel like they belong.

Estrangement is not a foreign concept. When people tend to act this, way they are basically reflecting what they want for themselves. This mentality makes them believe that if they come off as outgoing, kind, and helpful people would like them more and they would feel like they belong. So when you develop a sense of belonging, you feel secure and supported and there’s a great sense of acceptance.

Pexels | This is why it is important to develop a sense of belonging because if you feel like you don’t belong, it can damage your self-respect and put you in an uncomfortable situation

So, is there a way to create that sense of belonging or does it develop naturally? Well, the answer is yes to both. While it does come naturally in some situations, you can also work to develop it.

Here are some ways you can create a sense of belonging:

1. Question Your Beliefs

People who suffer from a low sense of belonging have most likely been dealing with it for a while. Growing up with these beliefs can have a negative impact on one’s life which can lead the person to think that they do not belong. The first step is to rewire your brain and your thoughts into believing that you do belong and break out of the previous cycle of negative notions you’ve been living with.

Pexels | Don’t cut yourself off from the world assuming that no one wants you around

2. Be Content with Yourself

The second step is to start instilling new thoughts in your head and most importantly, the thought of self-acceptance. Once you start thinking positive thoughts, you’ll be able to manifest that in the way you talk, walk, and come off to other people. Once you start your journey towards self-acceptance, you’ll realize all your fears fading away.

3. Love Yourself

As cliché as it sounds, loving yourself is the final step to achieving a sense of belonging. Once you start loving yourself and the way you are, you will no longer feel the need to mold yourself into someone else’s expectations of you, hence bringing out your true and genuine side.

Pexels | When your love for yourself shines through, you’ll start seeing how much other people love you too

There are so many places in this world waiting for you so what are you waiting for? It’s time to start working on those ill-conceived perceptions.

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