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3 Valuable Ways to Support Your Partner During Depression

Does your partner seem to be on edge from the past few days? Are there any changes in their sleeping habits? Have they become more irritable than ever? If the answer to those questions is ‘Yes,’ you should know that they may be slipping into depression.


Unsplash | Sudden changes in your partner’s behavior like disturbed sleep and constant irritability can be signs of depression

In addition to creating a whole world of negativity for the one who’s going through it, depression can wreak havoc on relationships. So if you find sudden changes in your partner’s behavior that aren’t very positive, you should become alert.

While there isn’t any need to panic, you need to quickly discover how you should be supporting them in this phase. It may seem difficult, but your support during such a difficult time can actually help strengthen the bond you have with them.

Here we’ve compiled some of the ways in which you can help your partner during their journey towards recovery. 

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Show them that you support them

Depression can be a truly frightening experience. One can easily become disconnected from reality. Even worse, it might be tough to explain what someone is going through. In such a scenario, the golden rule is to vocalize your care or show low through different indirect gestures to let your partner know that you love and understand them even when they’re extremely negative.


Unsplash | Show your partner that you love them and understand them despite their negativity

Schedule happy activities and motivate them to join you

Experts believe that enough sleep, exercise, and a balanced diet can significantly minimize despair. It may look very simple, but the fact is that when depression triggers, your partner may not be able to feel motivated enough to even get out of bed.

And that’s where you can act as an optimistic force. Invite them to engage in activities they like to do, like bike rides, listening to music, or maybe just watering them. Remember not to push them very hard if they’re not ready yet. 

Encourage treatment, but don’t push a timeline

Deciding to seek medical help may not be that easy, and your partner may wish to remain on the fence about it. Surely you need to encourage them to get treatment, but at the same time, you have to be patient. Pick the right time and place to talk about the various treatment options and help them find a therapist they can feel comfortable with. But during all of this, don’t set an ultimatum as that may make your partner feel pressured.

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Unsplash | Encourage them to take medical treatment, but don’t push a deadline on them

To sum it up

Watching your significant other go through depression can be an overwhelming experience. You may feel helpless and at a complete loss for what to do or say. But you should remember that while you may not be able to fix your partner’s depression medically, you can surely be the positive force in their life. Just remember to listen compassionately and make a conscious effort to understand them. Your valuable and unconditional support will surely help them in their journey to recovery.

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