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Things Will Be Alright In Time–Everyone Goes Through These Six Phases After a Break Up

Breakups are never a walk in the park. But they’re a necessary sacrifice to make in order to find ‘the one’. It’s only natural that people who have recently suffered from a heartbreak go through a process of sadness and confusion.

While knowing what they’re going through won’t dispell the hurt, it would still help them understand what they’re going through better. These are the six stages of a breakup, according to mental health provider Smart TMS.

The Search For Answers

When a relationship ends on terms that are not your decision, over analyzing past conversations or fight may be inevitable.

After a breakup, one would typically begin obsessing over looking for answers about why the things that happened went the way they did. In some cases, these thoughts can be consuming and hinder’s a person’s ability to concentrate on anything else. It’s important to realize that the answers to these questions may be out of reach to the person no matter what they do.

The Denial Stage

The next part of the ‘grieving’ process is denial. At this stage, one may find it hard to accept that the relationship is indeed over. A person at this phase will also find themselves postponing the entire process as they are not yet ready to face the reality of the situation.

Winning the Person Back

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Also called the bargaining stage, this determination to get back together typically distracts brokenhearted people from the experience of loss.

People going through the denial stage are ripe to enter the next one, which involves trying to win their former significant other back. This may involve calling the other person or asking to meet with them to convince them to reconcile and correct whatever may have gone wrong in the relationship. The grieving party takes it upon themselves to take responsibility for the repairing and maintaining of the relationship.

The Anger Stage

Eventually, though, people would learn to deal with the fear of being by themselves. This is when the anger stage begins. While the feeling of anger is typically seen as negative, this phase in moving on can be an empowering experience for a person. This is when they realize that they are still worthy, to begin with.

The Acceptance Stage

After a few days or weeks, one will be surprised to notice that they’re no longer thinking about their ex as much as they did before. When this happens, then they’re probably already in the acceptance stage. Another telltale sign of acceptance is the relative absence of reaction when seeing the other person on social media especially when they’re with a new person.

The New Chapter

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The realization that you’ve fully accepted a breakup may happen at the most random of circumstances.

The new chapter comes when a person realizes that the situation at hand actually gives them the opportunity to look ahead. This is because, at the end of the day, life goes on without the other person and that’s totally okay.

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