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How to Tell If Your Man Is Ready for Commitment and Settling Down

Commitment, certainly one of the cloudiest words on the planet. Many a partner have wondered whether their man is ready to give up the bachelor life, and dedicate their whole lives to them. Which begs the question: why don’t men want to settle down as soon as possible?

Perhaps it’s in their genetics. From time immemorial, nature has engineered the male of any species to always cast their net as far as possible.

That’s because nature uses this as one of the ways to ensure the survival of the species. Especially if a particular male happens to be the dominant male in the vicinity, chances are high it will mate with a number of females in the locale. One fine example is the lion in a male pride.

However, human beings are unique in that they have gained consciousness. In this consciousness, they have discovered unity, love, commitment, and understanding. Hence, the idea of settling down merits the harmonization of one’s physical needs versus their emotional needs; and this is where the problem arises.

Most men have a problem with commitment because they feel that they need to explore some more before settling down

A Man Looking to Settle Will Forego His Physical Needs for Your Emotional ‘Wants’

Ask any guy out there, and they will tell you that settling down was a decision they made spontaneously, rather than something that was predetermined.

It all boils down to how the different genders are normally raised.

From the get-go, any man with a decent childhood was raised with the notion of responsibility. For example, in a traditional setup, the man was expected to put the food on the table, take care of the handiwork around the home, and to be the rock and pillar of the family.

On the other hand, most girls were raised with the notion of being submissive, falling in love with their prince charming, and dedicating their heart and soul to him. This is why you’ll find that many men tend to control their emotions when analyzing a decision-making process, and most women consider their emotions a vital part of their decision making.

That’s why some men would cheat instantly without thinking about the emotional consequences first. As for women, they will opt to weigh their emotions, and how the situation makes them feel.

Most men that want to introduce their partner to his family are most likely to commit to them

Hence, when it comes to settling down, the biggest thing that a man feels he would be missing out on is his opportunity to ‘rendezvous’ with other women. If he is committed to you, he won’t struggle with these temptations.

A Man Looking to Settle down Will Be Open with You

Despite most men having tough shells, deep down most of them are sensitive creatures. Hence, if you find your man sharing sensitive information about his past, then chances are high that he has selected you like his potential spouse. Why is this the case?

Most men have been preconditioned to be the rock or the hard shell in any situation. This is why most men will find it difficult to open up about any weaknesses, embarrassing situations, or insecurities that they have regarding their past. Opening up to you is one sure way of showing you that they are committed.

Introducing You to the Family

This is one sure way to know that your man is serious with you. For a man to be excited to introduce you to his family, it means that he is one step closer to proposing to you, or it has crossed his mind once or twice.

In his mind, he has seen that you meet all the criteria that have been set up. It means that in his eyes, you are beautiful enough, intellectually and emotionally capable, of spending the rest of his life with him.

He Talks About You to His Friends and Feels Protective When They Are Around You

Here’s another subtle sign that your man has considered you for a long time. He feels protective of you around his friends. Not the jealous kind, but rather, the type that he doesn’t want any of his friends trying to hit on you. Especially if he knows his friends are the kind to take advantage.

A guy that talks a lot about you to his friends is most likely to commit to you in the long-term

That being said, he will most likely talk a lot about you, and tends to spend more time with you than with his friends. Perhaps the two of you have even moved in together? Another sign that he is sure about committing to you, and popping the question!

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