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Priyanka Chopra Reveals How Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Pulled Off Their Surprise Vegas Wedding

Remember when Joe Jonas led us to believe that he and fiance, Sophie Turner, were expected to tie the knot in a romantic summer wedding, but then went behind our backs with a secret on-a-whim marriage in Vegas? That’s the kind of betrayal that would even put Sansa Stark to shame.

According to the previous interviews they conducted, Jonas and Turner hinted towards a traditional summer wedding in their home country, England. However, the two couldn’t wait for that long and exchanged vows earlier this month.

The fans didn't expect Jonas and Turner to wed immediately after attending the Billboard Charts Awards.

The fans didn’t expect Jonas and Turner to wed immediately after attending the Billboard Music Awards

Not only did their impromptu wedding shock everyone, but the fans also commented on how their union seemed low-key compared to the big brother Nick Jonas, who married Priyanka Chopra in a lavish wedding consisting of two over-the-top ceremonies.

Turner’s sister-in-law, Priyanka Chopra, finally broke her silence and revealed the juicy from Jonas and Sophie’s wedding.

The Details

While many were surprised to hear about Joe and Sophie’s surprise nuptials, the wedding was anything but a surprise for the family. The actress said the couple wanted to tie the knot intimately, with only their family and closest friends present.

Chopra already expected "Jophie," her ship name for the couple, to pull out an out of this blue wedding theme.

Chopra already expected the couple to pull off a spontaneous wedding

She even spazzed how the wedding was “perfect” since it was so “Jophie,” which highlighted their preferences for low-key celebrations. Furthermore, Chopra confirmed there was no dress code for the wedding, and everyone basically ‘winged it’.

Since most of the family attended the Billboard Music Awards just before the big event, they all wore the same outfits to the wedding.

The Sudden Invitation

Chopra further revealed that it was hilarious since they planned the wedding on the spot. After Joe and Sophie received their marriage license, they decided to pull off the stunt after the awards.

So they randomly invited their close friends out to Vegas. In Chopra’s case, she asked Diplo and Khalid who were really sweet and accepted their ambushed invitation.

Thank god for Diplo who captured the special moment and published the clip on Instagram. The wedding entourage had a lot of fun squeezing in a pink Hummer limo en route to the chapel.

Chopra even remembered how she thought her long hair extensions would fly out of the window because of how fast they were going in order to get to the wedding on time.

The Hint

When asked why Jonas and Turner’s wedding turned out totally different from her and Nick’s marriage, Chopra said the brothers’ unions reflected their individual personalities and preferences. The actress said she and Nick decided to have two weddings to honor their religion and culture.

Chopra teases Joe and Sophie will have a second, formal wedding soon

Chopra claims that Joe and Sophie might have a second wedding soon

Meanwhile, Joe and Sophie wanted to have a more intimate affair. As much as possible, they don’t want to share their special moment with the public yet while they’re still celebrating their union.

Despite their different personalities, the Jonas brothers have a tight-knit siblings relationship, according to Chopra. It’s gratifying for the actress to experience various kinds of weddings from the brothers.

She also hinted that Jonas and Turner might have a second wedding soon. Will it be the most-awaited Summer wedding in Europe this time? Only time will tell.

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