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Is Your Partner Pulling Away? Here’s Why It Isn’t Always a Bad Sign

Space is a concept which can be both useful and detrimental in a relationship. The thought of your boyfriend suddenly not sounding like his usual self is keeping you up at night.

Whether he is taking too long to respond to your messages or suddenly to busy to give you time or binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows together, something sounds suspicious about the change in his behavior.

Is there someone else he’s busy with or maybe he just doesn’t love you anymore? – these are just some of the questions that will repeatedly play in your mind. But, is space really a bad thing for your relationship?

Importance of Space

Let’s all acknowledge that space is vital not just for your romantic life, but for all relationships in general. Think about it: you may have gone out with the whole girl gang on a Friday night while your significant other went to the family reunion without you, but these are just some ways that you can maintain a healthy balance in your relationship without becoming too dependent on each other.

You’re wondering why your partner is acting weird

If you find it hard to cope with the fact that both parties in a relationship need some space to focus on their own thing, you might be expecting unhealthy codependency.

While you have all the right to feel bad if your s.o. suddenly pulled away, this doesn’t always mean something’s fishy nor they don’t want you anymore.

So, what could be happening inside your special person’s mind that has suddenly made them pull away from you? The answer is not simple, psychologist Ann Rosen Spector explained.

It turns out, we just need to look at the bigger picture and try to consider various possibilities before jumping to a conclusion that they simply aren’t into you anymore.

They might be finding it hard to juggle priorities or it might have something to do with work or family which is why they aren’t able to invest more time and energy to the relationship.

New Relationships

However, it is possible that they just need space to reconsider the current dynamic in the relationship, which could be a major red flag that they aren’t happy with the way things are going between you two.

If the relationship has heated up too quickly, it’s likely that your partner is simply overwhelmed by the current pace and need to pull back just to make sure that you two are headed in the right direction.

They might have realized that they need a breather to understand whether they’re ready to commit to you or the sudden changes in their life is proving to be too much for them.

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A person may pull away if he/she feels things are happening way too fast

Maybe you recently decided to take a big step in the relationship like moving in together or meeting each other’s parents which has scared your partner away, and although this might be terrible news for the relationship, it is best that you know this earlier because it sucks to find out that you have been with a person who is not ready for anything serious at all for so long.

Long-Term Relationships

Even long-term relationships are at risk of going cold over time. The expert explained that for many couples, space is used as a method to deal with conflicts. It’s like waiting for the storm to pass – some people just distance themselves until things have cooled down and they’re finally calm enough to talk.

This can be a good thing for those who gain perspective once they’re away from the other person and eventually come back with a deeper understanding of what went wrong.

This can also be helpful for both parties to bounce back from the rough patch and strengthen their relationship even further with better recognition of what they did wrong.

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If a person needs space just to avoid the problem, then both parties should find better ways of resolving fights

However, it can be bad for people who just withdraw in an effort to avoid dealing with the issue. What’s worse is if they don’t want to recognize the cracks in your relationship that’s becoming the roots of your arguments. If this is the case, you can talk about finding ways to resolve fights and misunderstandings to prevent the relationship from falling apart.

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