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Dating in the Time of the Coronavirus—As Told by Ladies Who Took a Chance in Love While on Quarantine

With the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc in public health and the economy, there’s an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty in our lives. It has disrupted our career, social life, and love life in more ways than one.

Even more for an already uncertain thing like casual dating. Vicky, a 38-year-old creative producer, even likens it to playing musical chairs. You’re kinda stuck with whoever you’re currently dating during the lockdown.

Right now, people are scared and unsure about what’s ahead. This feeling of uncertainty and need for comfort can make people do some impulsive things like popping the “What are we?” question perhaps.

Weeks into the quarantine, single people find themselves finding the courage to bare their feelings out in the open. In a recent report by, these 3 women shared their stories about how each of them took a step further in their romantic relationships because of this new reality we’re currently living in.

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The need for isolation due to the coronavirus outbreak has also affected budding romantic relationships.

Ali, 28

After meeting on the dating app Hinge, Ali and her now-boyfriend went on their first date back in December. She liked the fact that he’s funny and goofy and that he appreciates her being independent. They went on to go out together and with each other’s friends. They even met family members. However, there was no label between them.

In the last two weeks, they have finally decided to take things up a notch and make their relationship official. Ali thinks that this decision may be influenced by the stressors brought on by the pandemic and the quarantine. The situation and uncertainty made them realize that they want to be together. Although, she still finds it odd that they already decided to commit to each other even though their relationship is still fairly new.

Even though their relationship is between the two of them, it has been affecting people around them due to the coronavirus. Ali can work from home, but her boyfriend is part of the Air Force National Guard so he has to go to work. Her roommates, however, have expressed their concern about her visiting him.

Although Ali wants to see him, she also wants to respect her roommates by not going over. Another factor is that they live in different states, so there’s a risk of her getting stranded if either of the states implements a lockdown. Ali hasn’t been on the dating scene for quite some time. Now that she’s finally dating someone, she can’t even see him in person. She hopes that they can go back to seeing each other like before.

Some couples have to struggle with not seeing each other due to the quarantine.

Teresa, 26

Teresa was already dating a guy for 2 months before the coronavirus reached New York City. They enjoyed going on dinner dates, roaming around museums, having afternoon walks through Central Park, and hanging out at jazz clubs on Friday nights. Teresa found him sweet and caring and was already falling for him. However, she was unsure how the near-total shutdown of the city would affect their budding relationship.

Little did she know that it was only the beginning. They initially planned to hang out in her apartment, but he ended up staying through the weekend and the next. They have been enjoying each other’s company while on quarantine and are having fun playing cards, watching old movies, and drinking wine.

When Teresa’s parents sent her care packages, he helped unpack. When she felt anxious about the pandemic, he rubbed her back. They still enjoy walks. But this time, they’re wearing gloves and staying 6 feet away from people.

After a few days, they decided to make their relationship exclusive in the most millennial way: they deleted all their dating apps from their phones. They both said that they didn’t want to date anyone else and have already expressed their love for each other.

For Teresa, it felt like they sped through the honeymoon period and fell right into a comfortable relationship easily. She didn’t expect to fall in love or get a boyfriend during isolation, but love happened.

New couples have breezed through the honeymoon phase and into a comfy relationship as they spend more time together due to lockdowns and shelter-at-home orders.

Addy, 25

Addy and her special someone were set up by his mom. Although she’s living in Pennsylvania and he’s in Michigan, they both came from Ohio. They officially met when they were both home last spring. After that, they started texting and went out on dates.

It was never a regular thing for them. They had an on-and-off communication and saw each other whenever they were in the same place. But in December, they agreed to remain friends despite their mutual attraction. He then eventually ghosted her.

In early February, he suddenly sent her a text. Addy was surprised, annoyed, and frustrated all at the same time since they hadn’t spoken to each other for a month. She told him that she will stop assuming that they’re more than friends.

However, when the coronavirus outbreak came, they started talking to each other more. They now communicate every day through phone calls, texts, and FaceTime. The moment eventually came when he admitted that he wanted more than friendship. Ady felt like her relationship and communication with her special someone makes her feel less lonely.

For her, having a crush or falling in love with someone is a bright spot in anyone’s life. She prefers this instead of feeling scared and hopeless.

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