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Bride Cancels Wedding Because Guests Turned Down Her ABSURD Request

Yep, you might have heard of drama, but not to this extent. So we all dream of having the perfect wedding, right? Scented candles, a picturesque reception that makes all your friends from high-school jealous. Ooh, and let’s not forget our dreamy prince charming standing by your side, as you gaze into each other’s eyes and recite your vows.

Aww, if only dreams could be a reality! Sadly, that’s not the case for many of us as we end up with the proverbial wedding filled with plastic vows, a dull reception, and food that is not to par with the brochure that the catering company offered in the first place!

Sound bad, right? Turns out that it could be worse! In fact, today’s tale is one that will certainly have your ribs cracking, or maybe even feeling a little sorry for the lady in question, depending on where your hear is!

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A bride canceled her wedding after individuals refused to donate $1500 for the occasion

An Interesting Turn of Events

So the story goes a little something like this. One bride who was looking to have the perfect wedding decided to make over-the-top demands in just about every aspect of the wedding.

However, what really caught the interest of many is the fact that she requested, no wait, demanded her guests to contribute at least $1500 to the wedding. Would you call that a reasonable request?

The lady in question, who asked that she remains anonymous, went on to break up with her partner, citing irreconcilable issues.

Moreover, she went on to explain that she and her partner met when they were just 14 years old. It was love at first sight, and by the time they were 18, they were already engaged!

Here this, the engagement ring cost a whopping $5000.

The couple then proceeded to have a child together while they were still in their early 20s.

After months of planning and saving up to $15,000 for their desired wedding, the couple was shocked that the dream wedding that they had in mind would cost roughly $60,000.

As she puts it, she thought it would be wise to ask for a little help from some of her family members and friends.

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The dream wedding was to cost $60,000, however, the bride and groom only managed to raise $15,000

An Over-The-Top Demand

The couple then requested each wedding guest to contribute at least $1500, as well as a pledge of $5000 from the selected maid of honor.

Additionally, she requested that the groom’s parents pledge at least $3000 for the wedding.

That might sound pretty innocent, only that she insisted that if individuals did not contribute, they were not allowed to come to the exclusive wedding.

As she had put it, it was going to be a once in a lifetime party.

Unfortunately, things were not to be as she was pretty depressed that only eight people managed to RSVP to the wedding and send their check. With time, her maid of honor soon backed out from the ceremony as well.

They Tried Financial Online Assistance

In response, they decided to set up a GoFundMe page which only managed to get a donation of $250.

That being said, her fiancé thought that they could have a Vegas wedding instead, and even her maid of honor tried to advise her that she should stick to a set budget.

However, she would have none of it. As a matter of fact, the bride gnarled back. She wondered how was it that someone could promise to give her thousands of fucking dollars only to later go against the promise of the said money. Moreover, how could she have the nerve to tell her to lower her budget?

Which begs the question, is it okay to request others to pay for your wedding?

The Answer Is Yes and No

We all aspire to have that dream wedding. However, to what expense should our dreams go? Yes, it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity for some, but in this volatile market where most Americans are hard with money, coming up with $1500 can be a real hustle.

Additionally, the fact that a wedding is a family and friends affair means that for some, they might feel it important to include the likes friends and family in the budget of the wedding.

Evidently, it all boils down to the views and perceptions of the wedding party. If both the bride and the groom deem it necessary, then well and good. If not, each individual has their choice.

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