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Blake Lively Has Some INCREDIBLE News for Fans, But We Already Saw It Coming

Blake Lively is so good at parenting that she just had to get pregnant once again. While the Gossip Girl actress was busy supporting her beloved husband, Ryan Reynolds, during the promotion of Detective Pikachu, she revealed another wonderful news that the couple is expecting a third child together.

The Announcement

Last week, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds graced New York City’s red carpet together to attend Detective Pikachu’s premiere night. The Gossip Girl actress was all smiles as she supported her husband for his latest film, but it turns out that the couple had other reasons to celebrate that night. For the first time in months, the actress confirmed speculations that she’s pregnant once again!

Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting a third child!

Lively wore a bright yellow metallic Retrofete dress paired with stunning Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. But probably the most noticeable detail about her appearance was the obvious baby bump, giving away Blake’s secret before she could even confirm it.

The Lovely Family  

Lively and Reynolds have been keen on keeping their family life private as they want to raise their family in harmony away from the public’s prying eyes. So far, they have two gorgeous kids, a son named James Reynolds, 4 years old, and daughter Inez Reynolds, 2 years old.

Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock
Lively reveals she’s like a mother hen because she’s incredibly protective of her family’s privacy.

Despite having two children, The Gossip actress hinted that she wanted to have an even bigger family. She said she would love to have a total of five kids, but husband Reynolds is content with just four. Now with the actress pregnant once again, the couple is one step closer to realizing their dream of having a big family.

The Plea

Lively also had an interview with Marie Claire where she said she’s incredibly protective of her family’s privacy. She revealed that she’d rather face all the controversies alone than having anything affect her children in any way. While she hopes not having to deal with paparazzi during their private time, Lively and Ryan have accepted that they can’t avoid them forever.

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
Lively and Ryan say they don’t want their children to get pressured into entering Hollywood

Not when they’re both a popular actor and actress. However, it’d be a different story if they involve their children. The actress revealed they’ll fight tooth and nail to protect their kids. So she’s pleading as early as now to leave their little ones alone and let them live a normal life while they decide who they want to be in the future.

The Upbringing

Aside from protecting their family’s privacy, Lively also reveals she and her husband are working hard to give their girls a normal upbringing as much as possible. They didn’t want their children to be surrounded by glitz and glamor.

Lively and Ryan want their children to live like an average person. They want them to attend schools and make friends with other children while they find out who they want to be. The couple also didn’t want to burden or pressure their children of following their footsteps. Whatever path they choose to carve in the future, the couple will support them 100%.

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