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Plan Your Next Vacation Ahead–Here Are Some of The Best Luxury Cruises You Can Take

32When it comes to traveling, planning in advance is a great idea. One can never start drafting their next vacation’s itinerary too early. For people who are already excited about their next overseas trip, here are some luxury cruises that may be worth checking out.

New Orleans to the Caribbean

The route of the cruise will reportedly include destinations like Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and even Mexico

One of Condé Nast Traveler‘s recommended cruises is Norwegian Getaway’s roundtrip from New Orleans to the Caribbean. Lasting for about five days to a full week, the trip is notably affordable with passes selling for $399 per guest for a five-day cruise and $599 per guest for a week-long one.

Copenhagen to Stockholm

Meanwhile, travelers who are looking to hit multiple European destinations in one go might find Oceania Cruises’ 10- day trip from Denmark to Sweden. The trip would include stops at eight cities along the Baltic Sea like Helsinki in Finland, St. Petersburg in Russia, and Berlin in Germany. The boarding pass for the cruise is set at $2,999 per guest.

Tahiti to New Zealand

The northern city of Auckland is based around two large harbors between the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea

People gearing for a longer trip aboard will find Crystal Cruises’ two-week Tahiti to New Zealand route a choice worth considering. Passengers of the trip will get to enjoy the beauty of places like the South Pacific, French Polynesia, Fiji, Tonga, and Auckland aboard a newly renovated ship that features updated and expanded cabins.

Round Trip to Cairo

Not a fan of the open seas? A river cruise may be a better travel route to take. Check out Viking River Cruises’ 12-day Cairo round trip tour called ‘Pharaohs and Pyramids’. The cruise is along the world-famous and historic Nile river and begins and ends in the Egyptian capital of Cairo. This particular cruise is different from the ones above in that it’s quite intimate accommodating only 52 guests at a time.

Lisbon to Athens

Here’s another European tour. This time though its route is more focused on the southern, sunnier part of the continent beginning from Lisbon, Portugal and ending in Athens, Greece. The Seabourn cruise will pass through destinations in countries like Italy, Spain, and France along the way of the two-week trip.

Istanbul to Athens

Athens is best known for its ancient attractions but also boasts of many coastal attractions nearby

The Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ trip from Turkey to Greece is another gateway to the ancient city this time beginning someplace nearer in Istanbul. It’s more focused on exploring Greece itself with stops at spots like Santorini, Rhodes, and Mykonos.

Mumbai to Athens

Interested in exploring the Middle East and its neighboring destinations? Check out Silversea Cruises’ 26-day Mumbai to Athens cruise route. The trip includes stops at nine countries including destinations like Nazareth, Jerusalem, Doha, and Dubai.

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