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Billy Porter Broke the Internet by Wearing this Remarkable Outfit to the Oscars

Billy Porter’s distinctive sense of fashion has wowed us for many years. He opts for outfits that make a bold statement even though they might seem bizarre or strange to the onlookers. Well, that is Porter for us; he has a unique personality and he wants to showcase it through his style. He wants to create a scene that is different to replicate and he is winning always. At the 91st Academy Awards, he picked an eye-catching tuxedo number and broke the internet and proved once and for all that Porter does not like to follow the norm.

The jaw-dropping outfit turned heads at the Oscars red carpet. Who wouldn’t want to take a second look at Porter who took his fashion game up several notches on Sunday night? Even Glenn Close was speechless when she first saw the American Horror Story alum. For crying out loud, this was a tuxedo gown created by designer Christian Siriano. It features ruffled white sleeves, a velvet bow tie and a skirt with a breathtaking train that swept the floor.

Porter didn’t come to the Oscars just for the event, he came to challenge what people think of masculinity and gender roles. He revealed that when women can wear pants no one raises an eyebrow but when a guy goes for a dress, it suddenly turns into a shameful scandal.

Porter has set the bar extremely high when it comes to fashion and we expect more guys will follow suit in the future and challenge the norms of the industry.

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