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Say no to Medication and Adopt These 5 Tips to Combat High Blood Pressure

Whenever you get a high blood pressure reading at the hospital, you might not give any second thoughts on how it could potentially affect your health in the long run. Nowadays, high BP is often ignored by people. However, it could potentially increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and can even lead to kidney failure. No one wants all these complications. So without taking any medication, here are some natural ways that could help you in lowering your blood pressure.

Include power walks in your life

Brisk walking could have a positive impact on maintaining your blood pressure, and power walks could be used instead of BP medications. A study has shown that if you walk for 30 minutes on most days in a week, it could lower your blood pressure.

Eat a potassium-rich diet

Feeding your body potassium-rich fruits and vegetables is considered as a backbone of any program that is solely dedicated to lowering the blood pressure of the body. After all, potassium helps the kidneys to excrete more sodium from the body through urination, which directly reduces blood pressure.

Eat more dark chocolate

No one can deny the sweetness of chocolate. Dark chocolate has flavanols that help in lowering the blood pressure by causing the blood vessels of the body to relax and boost blood flow. Regularly eating dark chocolate not only maintains the systolic blood pressure by 5 points but helps lower blood pressure by almost 3 points. Though eating chocolate shouldn’t be your primary goal, you can always eat some if you’re in the mood for a treat.

Take decaf coffee

Scientists all over the world have debated the effects of caffeine on blood pressure for years. But if we gather the data related to more than 30 studies, all of us can come to a verdict. Taking caffeine frequently harms the body by raising the systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and the effect could hold on for longer hours. Therefore it is advised to use decaf coffee instead of caffeinated coffee to avoid suffering from possible high blood pressure.

Work a bit less

Working for more than 41 hours per week raises the risk of stress by 17%, according to research. Working overtime and in long shifts makes it difficult to maintain your diet and do exercise. It might not be easy for some to get out of the office early, but it is advised to work a bit less and clock out at a decent time to hit a gym or go on a power walk.

Quit smoking

Every cigarette you smoke raises your blood pressure many folds after you’re, so quitting helps your blood pressure go back to normal. Once you stop smoking, you diminish the risks of heart disease and enhance your overall health.

Monitor your blood pressure at home 

Home monitoring is helpful in keeping tabs of your blood pressure and making sure your lifestyle changes are effective. Blood pressure monitors are generally available even with no prescription but talk to your doctor first

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