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Say Bye Bye To The Bags Under Your Eyes!

Sleepless nights leave you with worse things than a messed-up sleeping schedule; they give you pesky dark circles as well. Wouldn’t you rather wake up in an apocalypse than wake up with under-eye bags? And to top it all off, you’ll probably hear a friend or family member tell you how obvious your eye-bags look as if you didn’t notice first thing in the morning.

The unfortunate part about eye bags is that they tend to deepen and darken if they are not dealt with earlier, giving you an everlasting tired look on your face.

Pexels | When you have unhealthy habits, no amount of undereye masks will make a difference

Now, before getting rid of the under eyes, you should be well aware of where they come from, and spoiler alert, they are not always caused by a lack of sleep. Under-eye bags are also a sign of aging, which is natural and can’t be reversed. Other reasons can be allergies, water retention, and smoking.

So, if you don’t dig the total tired and done-with-life look, then you should get on to trying to get rid of your eye bags. Lucky for you, this article is going to give you the best tips you need to go from sleepy to very much awake.

Pexels | A lack of sleep is not the only reason behind swelling eye bags

1. Cool Compress

The best way to reduce puffiness under your eyes is to simply take a chilled spoon or washcloths drenched in icy water and place it under the eyes. The cooling sensation from the spoon or the washcloth will constrict the blood vessels, resulting in an appearance of less swollen eye-bags.

2. Be mindful of your allergies

Since allergies are scientifically proven to worsen the situation, any situation to be more precise, it would be a wise decision to keep them in check. Avoid situations that would lead up to your eye bags punishing you for your life choices.

3. Tea Bag Those Eye Bags

The caffeine found in black and green tea bags is found to be greatly beneficial for your swollen eye-bags. Best of all, you don’t have to waste any. After making tea, simply take the tea bags and place them in the fridge until they’re ice cold. Then, apply the tea bags onto your eye bags and wait for the magic to happen.

Pexels | Talk about reusing your waste in the best way possible

4. Halt the Salt

Many times people fail to notice their increasing salt intake. A high level of salt is dangerous for your blood pressure and it is also one of the major reasons behind water retention. This means the more the salt, the more the swelling.

Wrapping It Up

One thing you must remember is that you are beautiful even with those eye-bags because they hold the memories of your late-night adventure and the great times you have spent. But, it never hurts to put a little effort into looking your best.

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