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If You Are a Follower of Pescatarian Diet, Here is what You Need to Know to Do It the Right Way

The pescatarian diet became the highlight of the news this week after a celebrity singer claimed that the diet causes mercury poison, and Kim Kardashian made public that her 4-year-old daughter is into a pescatarian diet.

There is no way to define what a pescatarian diet is, but people who follow this diet plan are vegetarians or full vegan but also eat seafood. There are a couple of people who follow the plan but occasionally eat wild salmon or some form of fish. These people eat everything except poultry or meat. Some of the people eat eggs or use dairy and sometimes both but are intolerant to any kind of meat.

Is the pescatarian diet healthy?

An increasing number of people are following the plan daily without taking into account the factor that besides there are many omega and fatty acids present in the seafood, it is also a significant cause of mercury cancer in humans.

Too much consumption of seafood can cause serious health issues. Though the wild salmon and the tuna you are eating may be the excellent choice for you if you need more proteins and are beneficial while it comes to reduction in the inflammation and can prove helpful in eyes, skin, and muscle health but can be equally destructive if consumed daily.

Do pregnant ladies have to be lower the consumption of seafood too?

The pregnant ladies must eat a heavy protein-based seafood diet, but they need to be extra careful while consuming seafood because while consumption the heavy metal passes through the placenta that can cause adverse effects on the baby’s developing brain and nervous system.

The impact of mercury on adults is still being studied, but some raw results have shown that an excess of mercury can lead to a rise in blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and possibly early Alzheimer’s.

For the healthy part of the pescatarian diet

While the above discussion was all about what it can cause, let us discuss that how is the pescatarian diet beneficial for humans. If you want to stay healthy while sticking to the diet plan, you must include more vegetables in your daily diet. Eat more pulses, consume more fruits.

Use dry fruits like nuts, herbs, and seeds. These things will not only broaden your overall nutrient intake but will help the body in increasing immunity against any kind of illness. Excessive eating of just the seafood is terrible, so it is advised to balance the diet according to the routine or contact a nutritionist to have a look at what your body needs the most.

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