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These Famous Celebrities Are Battling  a Strange Disease That Has No Cure

Psoriasis is much more common than you thought. American Academy of Dermatology statistics showed that 7.5 million Americans are suffering from this chronic autoimmune disease that results in scaly, itchy skin that can make even the most confident people feel anxious in their everyday dealings.

The disorder can range from mild, covering only 2 percent of the body, to severe, 10 to 80 percent. If you have the condition, find comfort that even celebrities are not exempted from this and are, thankfully, sharing their stories to raise awareness.

Kim Kardashian

Even with a successful business, a reality show, and a wonderful family, Kim Kardashian is not that perfect. The KKW Beauty mogul has been open about her battle against psoriasis, even revealing her condition in a 2011 Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode – she was then just 30 when she was diagnosed. The 38-year-old pretty much bares her red patches on social media, much like how she does for other aspects of her life.

Kim Kardashian is not shying about her skin condition

In fact, Kim was inspired by psoriasis to create a line of body makeup that effectively covers skin irritations. However, she maintained that she learned not to be insecure because of her condition but on days she feels like covering the patches up, she uses her makeup.

Jonathan Van Ness

You’ve probably seen Jonathan Van Ness work his magic in hair styling in the Netflix show Queer Eye, but despite the happy disposition, the star is facing psoriasis. But who could tell? He has been vocal about his experience with the condition, even sharing an unretouched skin picture on Instagram.

The 32-year-old said he first had a flare-up at 23, but it took him five doctors to figure out his condition. By being open and accepting of this, he now isn’t bothered by it, which explains how he remains fierce.

LeAnn Rimes

Singer LeAnn Rimes has psoriasis since she was 2

You’ve probably known that singer LeAnn Rimes has psoriasis perhaps because she was the face of American Academy of Dermatology and the National Psoriasis Foundation’s Stop Hiding from Psoriasis campaign. The How Do I Live hitmaker shared that she had been battling the disease since she was 2. In one instance, she divulged that it affected 80 percent of her body.

Cara Delevingne

Model Cara Delevingne continues to slay fashion shows despite her psoriasis, which she said she noticed first in 2013. There was a time when red patches filled her stomach and all over the body.

Ironically, she got famous for walking the runway but it also caused the condition because the 27-year-old said stress triggers the flares. She had also been open about how people reacted toward her, narrating that some of them had to put on gloves because they thought what she had was contagious like leprosy.

Eli Roth

The director’s Cabin Fever was reportedly inspired by his psoriasis outbreak

Horror film director Eli Roth may not be talkative when it comes to his psoriasis but he once narrated that he had a horrible episode at 22, wherein it became hard to walk because his skin cracked and bled. According to several reports, this allegedly became his inspiration for Cabin Fever, his directorial debut.

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