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Drew Barrymore Shares Skincare Secrets for Youthful Skin and Favorite Products She Can’t Live Without

Instagram can be such a powerful tool for celebrities who wish to make big announcements or to get in touch with their fans all over the world.

It can also be used as a vehicle to share to your followers a little info about the things you recommend because, simply put, sharing is caring. Drew Barrymore is very fond of doing this, spreading the word about what worked and what didn’t on her skin, especially newly released beauty products in the market, to her fans.

Baby Face

As the owner of the Flower Beauty, you can expect nothing less from Drew’s recommendations. From how to strategically use lipstick to the lips, cheeks, and eyes, to applying acne gels, you can count on the Santa Clarita Diet star to be ever-reliable.

Recently, the 44-year-old did her Beauty Junkie Week, where she revealed her must-have products. In one post, the actress divulged that she uses Drunk Elephant’s TLC Sukari Baby Facial, which she said makes her skin feel like a baby once she rinses it off.

Drew Barrymore loves Drunk Elephant’s Baby Facial

In the clip, the Charlie’s Angels star, who was makeup-free but still looked beautiful, shared to her fans the holy grail that everyone’s been talking about. Apparently, she is also a fan of the beauty product that leaves her face feeling smooth and supple right after she uses it.

Squeezing the tube, Drew described the mask, saying it looked like a tinted moisturizer. With her plans, the thespian shared she will leave the mask on and will rinse it once she arrives at work.


The wonder product has been gaining popularity among beauty junkies. But the better question is, how does it work? What makes the Baby Facial so effective? It has 25 percent chemical exfoliants (alpha-hydroxy acids), like tartaric, glycolic, lactic, and citric acids. These substances gently remove dead skin cells to reveal brighter and healthier skin.

Barrymore claimes her favorite skincare product can make skin smoother and plumper

Dermatologists have long supported exfoliation and said it is one of the secrets to aging gracefully because the process prevents wrinkles and fine lines. Baby Facial also has pumpkin ferment extract, matcha extract, and chickpea flour for soothing the skin. Reviewers in Sephora and Amazon were leaving rave testimonials about this Drunk Elephant product.

Some even went as far as to say it is the best facial they ever tried while others claim it greatly helped in minimizing pores and fading hyperpigmentation from acnes. Another one touts it as the answer to all problems, having used it initially for acne but eventually found that it is useful for stretch marks, wrinkles, and discoloration.

Other Recommendations

The actress shared tips via her #beautyjunkieweek.

Drew also revealed three items that she never misses out on in another post. But before going into details, she warned her supporters that these beauty products are pricey. However, given the effectivity of these, she said these are just some of the things that make splurging acceptable.

The first item she shared was Christine Chin’s toner that fights acne. Then Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops that has SPF 50, which is around $145 in Nordstrom, and Chanel’s La Solution 10 moisturizer.

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