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Dr Michael Mosley Shares Handy Tips For Health Improvement

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become a must for everybody. People spend thousands on the gym, dietitians, and supplements to pull off their desired looks these days. However, with tons of health and nutrition tips spreading like wildfire, it’s easy to get confused. And that’s where consulting a professional comes into the picture.

Talking of health professionals, how can one forget Dr. Michael Mosley? Mosley is a former medical doctor, health writer, and BBC presenter, best known for the show “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor.” With plenty of knowledge in examining the latest medical research, he can quickly identify whether a health tip is worth giving a shot or not. And that’s why he’s our first choice for suggestions on improving health and lifestyle.


Scoop | Dr. Michael Mosley is a former medical doctor, health writer, and BBC presenter

So keep aside your work and take a quick at some of Mosley’s tips for health improvement.

Zinc supplements for enhanced immunity

Most of you might be aware of zinc’s role in boosting the immune system, but have you ever thought about how it works? Well, it’s simple! It alerts the body against incoming infections and supports the white blood cells in fighting them.

A zinc deficiency can decrease the white blood cell count and make the body prone to diseases, and that’s why Mosley says we should start taking zinc, either as supplements or via food products. FYI, foods like shellfish, fish, nuts, seeds, legumes, and meat are rich in zinc, but if you prefer taking supplements, limit them to 40mg per day.

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Unsplash | Although natural sources of food are the best, to complete the nutrient intake, it’s okay to take a few health supplements

Schedule maintenance

COVID-19 restricted people to their homes, and as a result, pushed them towards mental health issues like depression, anxiety, etc. Although many people found peace in watching box sets and consuming home-cooked food, Mosley suggests fighting off anxiousness is often just a matter of getting a goodnight’s sleep. He encourages people to follow a strict routine that enables them to go to bed on time and get enough sleep.

Lighting up the home to fight SAD

Around 10% of the British population suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) every year. During winters, the lack of daylight exposure makes people gloomy and introspective, resulting in winter blues or SAD. However, Mosley says that by fixing home lights, people can get rid of the problem. He also suggests morning walks and outdoor exercises to get an ample amount of light.

Letting go of worries about skipping breakfast

Even though studies show that having breakfast is beneficial, you should know that it’s okay to skip it every once in a while. Düsseldorf’s German Diabetes Centre’s 2018 research shows that people who eat breakfast are much healthier than those who skip it. However, breakfast alone doesn’t decide whether a person is healthy or not. Other factors like drinking alcohol and smoking also play a crucial role.

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Unsplash | People who eat breakfast are healthier, but a person’s overall health isn’t dictated by breakfast alone

To conclude

Improving health isn’t an option; it’s a choice that only a few strong-willed people make. And if you want to join that group, start as early as possible.

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