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How To Deal With Morning Sickness

Expecting a baby can be a very wonderful news for newlyweds who are starting to build a family. As it has been said, motherhood can be one of the most exciting phases we get in a woman’s life. Having a little bundle of joy inside of you is wonderful and fulfilling. However, sometimes it can be a challenge especially if you experience hormonal imbalance. Also, one gets to deal with morning sickness. Here are some facts about morning sickness:

  1. It comes as a series of similar symptoms early in pregnancy.
  2. You may have a history of motion sickness
  3. Birth control pills make you nauseous, and you may vomit. This is because your body responds to estrogen, which is prevalent during pregnancy too
  4. It runs in the family. If your mother or sister has battled with morning sickness, there’s a chance it will affect you too.
  5. You get migraines regularly.

The good thing is that morning sickness can be cured or mitigated. Here is how: 


Inhale Lemon Extract

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Expectant moms are very sensitive to smell. The once-favorite perfume may turn out to be disgusting during pregnancy. Also, when one is expectant, the aroma of their favorite food may not be as appealing as before. However, lemon extracts can be used to deal with this sensitivity. They may have a tangy odor, but their neutral scent will not wreck your sense of smell. If you wish, carry a bottle of spring rosemary with you. You can inhale this whenever you feel like vomiting or whenever your hormones start kicking in.

Keep a Diary with You

With their hormones out of control, expectant mothers easily suffer from severe mood swings. They may be happy at one moment, only to be seething with rage the next moment. In such times, one is likely to have an emotional wreck. As such,  you need to have an outlet for it. Try as much as possible not to bottle up your emotions, failure to which you might fall into a state of depression. To help you sort your emotions out, you can keep a diary with you. Write the things that you’ve done for the day and the emotions that trigger you. If you identify a pattern, find a way out of it by writing some solutions down. For example, if you always feel hungry around 4 pm, pack a snack with you in advance to have a munch when it strikes.

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Stay Hydrated

During pregnancy, one needs to stay hydrated more than ever. Remember that you require adequate water for yourself and the baby. If you’re having a hard time staying hydrated, you can trick your body to require water. For example, you can have a snack that will trigger your thirst. When you feel thirsty, do your best to drink as much liquid as you can. Water keeps your body temperature well-checked and hormones at ease.

Have a Survival Kit With You

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You may have managed to overcome your morning sickness and prevent its triggers to the minimum. However, you cannot predict what lays ahead of you. Morning sickness may recur at random and even at the most awkward times. You need to be prepared to counter it in case it happens. When traveling, carry plastics and tissue papers, a pair of clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash or breath mints. Also, be sure to also stack your on-the-go snacks such as a piece of fruit, pretzels, and almonds to munch whenever you feel hungry or after your morning sickness.

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