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These Celebrities Can’t Do Without Coffee — But Here’s the Issue with Caffeine Addiction

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning is the next best thing to sleeping in on a weekend, oh, the small joys of life!

For some, it’s the sound of the alarm that wakes them up, but for others, it is the strong scent of this miracle drink that helps them part from the warmth of their bed and get busy with the day ahead.

That’s not all, coffee also comes handy when you need that extra jolt of energy, especially if you lack sleep or are just too tired to move. Java aficionados would know that coffee is more than a beverage, it is one of life’s greatest pleasures, oftentimes as needful as water or oxygen — without it, it’s hard to percolate (pun intended) the day up.

But there are coffee lovers who enjoy the occasional cup of two just to brighten up the day and then there are coffee addicts who simply cannot go an hour without their caffeine boost.

Coffee is a great way to start the day, ask Ariana Grande

Nothing compares to the first sip of that cup early in the morning. Some even can’t seem to function well without having coffee, basically, there are those who rely on the beverage to jumpstart their day.

There are a lot of perks to consuming this drink, as backed by studies which show improved blood flow, lower risk of depression and enhanced long-term memory in coffee lovers

However, on the other hand, overconsumption has some unwelcomed side effects that can be detrimental to your health. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t drink coffee at all – as if this really is a choice – it’s just that moderation is the key to enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Well, tell that to Hollywood celebrities who absolutely cannot do without their morning coffee. Remember the mystery surrounding the Starbucks cup left in a scene in one of the Game of Thrones episode?

Even Game of Throne stars need their coffee fix

We never really found out the real culprit behind the mistake — some believe it was Kit Harrington while others are blaming Emilia Clarke — but who can blame these actors for relying on coffee to get through the hectic shooting schedule?

Google any of your favorite celebrities from Ariana Grande to Britney Spears to Justin Beiber, and you’ll come across an image (or ten) of them leaving their favorite coffee shop with a suspiciously large cup of coffee. But is too much coffee bad for you? Let’s investigate.


Heart pounding may be a huge sign that you’ve consumed too much coffee

Although a coffee fix sometimes gives you slight jitters, what’s not normal is having serious heart palpitations, which is a signal that you’re consuming too much caffeine.

That’s because caffeine is a stimulant that promotes the pituitary gland to produce adrenaline, the hormone responsible for the fight or flight mechanism.

It also blocks adenosine receptors and shoots up dopamine and glutamate levels inside the brain, which create a dangerous combination with adrenaline.

A University of California, Irvine associate professor of neurobiology and behavior said that the mix of these three hormones speeds up your heart rate, anxiety, irritability, and sometimes even anger.

So if you’ve been feeling your heart pounding like it’s going to explode, you’ve probably gone overboard with your caffeine consumption.


Because caffeine gives you extra energy, overconsumption could mean sleepless nights and exhaustion in the morning. Chances are when you consume caffeine later in the day, you will have trouble falling asleep as the effects can last up to 8 hours.

So although a cup could really help us be awake and alert on Monday mornings, it could be the reason you’ve been finding it hard to get a shut-eye.

Try to avoid drinking coffee 6 to 8 hours before bedtime for better sleep

So despite being a literal eye-opener, caffeine’s job can greatly affect our sleeping pattern and body clock as well. You would know what will happen the next day when you don’t get enough sleep, you feel sluggish and tired.

Frequent Visits to the Bathroom

Have you ever noticed that you frequently need to use the comfort room of late? That may probably be related to your caffeine intake.

Expert Nesochi Okeke-Igbokwe explained that coffee sometimes acts as a mild diuretic, so some may feel the need to urinate more frequently than normal. Technically coffee is not dehydrating but if you pair this with not drinking enough water, then you may lose sufficient water from your body.

Coffee is also a suspect for diarrhea. It was found that caffeine triggers irregular bowel movements in about 30 percent of the people, and the bad news is that even decaffeinated coffees can have the same effect.

Experts have yet to find the answer behind the mystery but coffee is also the culprit behind an upset stomach because caffeine can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract.

Losing Productivity

We know what you’re thinking: this statement is in conflict with the main purpose of coffee. Yes, caffeine can uplift your energy levels temporarily and can act as a pick-me-up in desperate times but also note that when this effect wears off, your energy levels crash, leaving you tired and overexhausted.

A research on “Neuropsychopharmacology” said that coffee could greatly affect the productivity of the workers. Sports nutritionist Jenna Braddock refers to it as “false energy.”

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