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Carrie Ann Inaba Is a Survivor Despite Her Debilitating Autoimmune Disease

Last Tuesday, the renowned actress Carrie Ann Inaba revealed she’s been suffering from an autoimmune condition that left her feeling embarrassed and insecure about herself. Let us uncover the silent battles Inaba endured, and how it’s been affecting her physical and mental wellbeing.

The Interview

In an interview with The Talk, the renowned actress Carrie Ann Inaba opened up about her health, and she revealed she’s been battling with autoimmune diseases for years. Inaba explained how she felt shameful when she goes through these things. She wants people to see she’s healthy and well.

Inaba reveals she's struggling to overcome her

Inaba reveals she’s struggling to overcome her fibromyalgia disease because it attacks her out of the blue.  

And while she’s been perfectly well on the outside, Inaba says her invisible sickness strikes her body from nowhere. The actress shares one event where her stylist was doing her hair one day. He barely touched the actress’ hair, but Inaba felt as if he’s burning her with the curling iron because her fibromyalgia flare attacked.

The Side Effects

According to the singer, fibromyalgia isn’t common to the public because it cannot be perceived on the naked eye. However, the pain and agony are evident to the patients who are suffering from the disease. Inaba often feels the sharp pain spreading all over her body. She also has insomnia and emotional and mental distress.

Inaba says there are times she has to take a break from work to recuperate from her illness

Aside from her autoimmune disease, Inaba also reveals she suffers from chronic pain. The actress often ends up exhausted as she struggles with the agonizing pain she experiences whenever it attacks. Not only her body is aching, but Inaba also says it impedes her work since she became incapacitated while struggling in pain.

The Medical Hurdles

She was also diagnosed with spinal stenosis in 2007. This condition is caused by a narrowing of her spinal canal that triggers numbness and pain all over her body. Six years later, Inaba also had Sjogren’s syndrome, another autoimmune disease that attacks the body’s saliva and tears glands.

It causes Inaba’s body to dry fast and impedes her ability to sweat, shed a tear, or have difficulty in eating. These medical hurdles sometimes forced her to stay in bed all day.

The Fight

While her body was miserable, Inaba took the said opportunity to do some soul searching. She realized she couldn’t let her medical conditions bring her down.

Inaba draws strength from patients like her to continue fighting and become the voice to spread awareness of these illnesses to the world.

Inaba draws strength from patients like her to continue fighting and become the voice to spread awareness of these illnesses to the world

So she started incorporating healthy habits in her life like acupuncture, Craniosacral therapy, and yoga to help her deal with the pain aside from taking medical prescriptions.

She also uses her social media accounts and interviews to share and discuss her health battles. Inaba hopes she can help other patients out there to overcome their medical conditions too.

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