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Bleeding Disorder Post COVID-19 Vaccine – Surprising Side-Effect Leaves Researchers Worried

We’ve all been waiting for quite a long time for the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, right? And now, when scientists have developed it, millions of people are lining up to get their shots. However, every now and then, headlines about side-effects among vaccinated people surface that leave everyone in a skeptical position.


Unsplash | Among headaches, fever, and fatigue, new bleeding disorder side-effect to COVID-19 vaccine is causing much worry

While mild side-effects like pain, fever, and fatigue are known to everyone, unexpected after-effects like the “COVID arm” and even ITP (Immune Thrombocytopenia) are leaving researchers baffled. A few cases of people contracting ITP, a rare bleeding disorder, have come to light. And to know whether or not you should be worried about falling prey to the condition, understanding the cause behind it is imperative.

Let’s have a look at what experts have to say.

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What exactly happens in Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP)? 

The process of blood clotting in your body is carried out by special blood cells called platelets. The condition ITP, as the name suggests, causes the immune system to make antibodies against these platelets, thereby reducing their count.

Due to limited platelets in the blood, your bleeding tendency increases, and you get reddish purplish spots on your skin called petechiae. People may also experience nosebleeds, bruises, bleeding from the mouth, and heavy periods.


Unsplash | The condition ITP, as the name suggests, causes the immune system to make antibodies against these platelets, thereby reducing their count

What the vaccine manufacturers have to say about the reported cases of ITP?

Over the past few weeks, since the vaccinations started, only 19 clear cases of ITP have been reported. These have been evenly distributed among the manufacturers of two approved COVID-19 vaccines in the US – Pfizer and Moderna.

The Pfizer vaccine manufacturers have said that they’re aware of the occurrence of the condition, and they’re collecting more information to share with the FDA. They further said that they’re closely monitoring all the vaccine’s side-effects and till now, they haven’t identified any causal relationship between ITP and the vaccine.

Moderna spokesperson has revealed that the company shares the safety information with the regulators from time to time. They further noted that a bleeding disorder rate is quite below the expected number of such events.

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Pexels | Scientists have noted that the rate of a bleeding disorder is quite low

To sum it up

With so much talk about vaccine side-effects going around, you might be doubtful whether to get the vaccine or not.  As per the statement by the medical advisory board of PDSA, till now, there’s no confirmation that the cases of ITP in COVID-19 vaccine recipients are causal. They can be coincidental too. And hence, this shouldn’t provide a reason for not being vaccinated. The risk of contracting Coronavirus infection is more than the risk of developing ITP.

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