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Ariana Grande Cancels Concert Because of This Strange Allergy

After a year of controversies, heartaches, and loss of a loved one, Ariana Grande is determined to make a comeback this year. Not only did the singer give a stunning performance at Coachella 2019, but she also released new songs with the iconic Victoria Monét recently.

Ariana Grande delivered a mind-blowing performance at Coachella 2019 last April.

Ariana Grande delivered a mind-blowing performance at Coachella in April last year

The renowned singer says that when it comes to music and her career, she wants to follow her heart and go with her gut feeling. Ariana recently revealed her brain scans on Instagram showing her alarming struggles with PTSD following last year’s horrific Manchester incident that ended the lives of dozens during her concert.

This year, Ariana had to postpone her Sweetener tour, but not because of security reasons. Apparently, the singer is suffering from a tomato allergy that she’s just discovering now!

The Allergy

Last Tuesday, Grande broke the devastating news to her fans announcing that she had to reschedule her concert in Florida due to her allergy. Ariana said she woke up not feeling too well, but she couldn’t figure out the cause behind it.

Grande thanked everyone who sent best wishes to her, and the singer assures her fans she's recovering now.

Grande revealed she felt constriction and pain in her throat as if she’d swallowed a cactus

After the singer consulted a physician, she found out that she coming down with a severe allergy. That’s when her doctor recommended postponing her tour for a few days until she had properly recovered. While it broke Ariana’s heart, she had no choice but to follow the doctor’s suggestion.

The Diagnosis

A day later, Grande went back to the hospital to get the results for her medical tests. In there, she discovered that she had developed a strange allergy to tomatoes. The fruit caused her throat to constrict, blocking her airways and making it hard for her to speak.

Grande thanked everyone who sent best wishes to her, and the singer assures her fans she's recovering now.

Grande thanked everyone who sent best wishes to her, and the singer assures her fans she’s recovering now

As strange as it may sound, tomato allergies are real and can pose serious risks for the sufferer. Grande explained that her throat was so swollen that it was even painful to eat or breathe.

Meanwhile, she thanked thousands of fans who tweeted and commented on her post wishing for her a speedy recovery. Despite the postponement, Grande says she’ll make it up to everyone, and she cannot wait to perform again in Orlando and Tampa in fall.

The Rant

Grande also couldn’t help but vent her frustration on social media about her new-found allergy. As an Italian who loves pasta and tomatoes, it’s incredibly unfair for her to start developing a tomato allergy so late in life. Grande is only in her mid-twenties, and she needs to restrict herself from eating her favorite tomato dishes from now on.

While it seems bizarre to think Grande developed an allergy in her adulthood, health experts call it a totally normal occurrence. According to Bruce Lanser, MD, allergies can develop at any stage in life, even if your body is already immune to certain types of food.

Allergies are often triggered when your immune system becomes hypersensitive to allergens. However, in Ariana’s case, it’s also possible that she may have developed an intolerance to tomatoes if she has been consuming too much of this fruit.

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