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Two Great Secrets Behind Serena William’s Exceptionally Productive Performance

Serena William, the winner of 23 grand slam titles who became a professional tennis player at the very young of 14, has been persistently following a healthy diet and efficient training for keeping her in track effectively all the time.

Serena William’s two own figured-out strategies

Serena says that two strategies that she discovered herself have incredibly helped her at a personal and professional level. Serena is habitual of using these effective strategies while playing tennis or without playing it. She says that these strategies are her must-do things every day.

  1. Turning brain off, for a moment of peace

This sounds strange, right? But this is actually what this 38 years old tennis start practice daily, for having a consistent and efficient performance every time. According to her, there is too much to do from Serena ventures to Serena clothing to playing tennis, that escaping from all this and relaxing a bit is what only makes her feel good.

Serena says that there is not any specific way or method to give relief to the brain, and you can do anything like watching a TV program or a movie, meditating, or experiencing funny things that make you feel all relaxed.

Moreover, Serena William believes that watching her two years old little daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr frees her to think about anyone or anything else for a moment, and shut her brain off for a while.

She says that whenever she looks upon her little pack of happiness, she instantly becomes focused on her alone, leaving everything behind. According to Serena, this strange practice boosts her energy level significantly and make her give the best every time. She believes that it makes her feel more energized, focused, and enthusiastic for present-day as well as for the following day.

  1. Drinking more water for getting more energy

Serena William says that she drinks a gallon of water minimum, every day to keep her hydrated and energized. She drinks more water as she knows this fact that lesser water intake can make her feel dehydrated and low, which this excellent tennis star would never wish to feel. Drinking enough water is essential for every individual to have a happy and healthy life, but water intake for energy utilizers, like Serna William, must be much higher. According to the Harvard kidney specialist Dr. Julian Seifter, four to six cups are enough for staying healthy and active.

The great tennis star, Serena’s sister Venus has told CBNC that her tips for her extraordinary performance are as simple as getting a sound sleep of 8 hours and giving up on her favorite junk food like delicious pancakes and mouthwatering honey buns.

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