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Top Futuristic Coffee Shops that Already Live in 3018!

There’s no doubt that one of the most popular beverages we drink is coffee. In fact, drinking coffee has become a huge part of our lives that we can’t seem to focus on our work if we missed drinking it. Whether you’re fond of drinking hot or cold coffee, we often see to it that we drink at least one cup before we go and face our day.

Aside from that, coffee lovers are in constant lookout of new and cool coffee shops which let them savor their favorite drink while rewinding after a long, stressful day. If you’re one of these coffee lovers, then you may want to check these top futuristic coffee shops with unique features and technology that will spice up your coffee ritual.

Caffeine Selfie

Taiwan’s Let’s Cafe offers a coffee selfie drink to their customers

Do you want to put your selfie in your favorite coffee drink? It seems impossible, right? But not with this coffee shop! They unveiled a unique feature that lets their customers take a selfie and then have it printed on their drink.

Their printed faces will then be sent to a specialized coffee machine. Just wait for a few seconds and voila! You’ll be gazing at the perfect replica of your own face or image in the form of milk foam! While this coffee feature is certainly creative, most coffee lovers may struggle to drink it since they don’t want to ruin their own images!

Frozen Ice Cubes

Whenever we drink an iced coffee, we sometimes feel like we’re cheating because of the ice cubes. The ice cubes seem to lessen the amount of coffee we drink. What’s more, our favorite cold beverages get diluted the moment the ice melts down and water dominates our coffee.

Well, worry no more since this shop puts iced coffee cubes in your coffee drink! Yes, you will still savor the bittersweet flavor of your iced coffee since it doesn’t get watered down!

A Joe Cup Worth a Bucket of Trash!

The Baker’s Kitchen and Mason Bar in New Smyrna Beach are among the first businesses to join the “1 Piece Each” cause

Do you want to drink coffee for free? It seems like too good to be true, isn’t it? Well, you better start believing it because it’s true! This shop gives a free cup of Joe to its customers if they take the initiative to pick up some trash from a nearby beach! Not only are you getting your favorite beverage for free, but you’re also helping mother nature by cleaning the environment!

Coffee Grounds as Fertilizers

This coffee shop is also environment-friendly since they recycle their unused coffee grounds. They donate these grounds to the local community so that the people can use it as a compost or fertilizer for their gardens. Not only are they helping reduce the waste in the environment, but they’re also helping the local farmers thrive. Most foods produced from natural fertilizers are healthier too! Coffee lovers will surely love supporting this local business!

Stir Your Coffee with Spaghetti Noodles!

One local coffee shop in Inuvik, N.W.T. in Canada help reduce the plastic impact on the environment by offering spaghetti straws

We all know that one of the most persistent plastic wastes we’re dealing with is the insane number of straws we use. The straws we use for sipping and drinking our favorite drink often end up in the ocean where the marine creatures eat it, mistaking the straw for their food.

Well, you can start ditching the usage of straws since this local coffee shop offers a fettuccine straw instead of plastic stirrers. What’s more, it doesn’t taste like pasta! But you can have the illusion of drinking coffee while eating your favorite pasta anyway!

Cappuccino vs. Macchiato.

As a coffee lover, we often get confused with the difference of coffee variations like cappuccino, frappuccino, macchiato, and more. Maybe there’s just a difference in the levels of coffee they put in every drink? Well, worry no more since this local shop displays an illustration for you to stop the difference in every drink. You can even determine the ingredients used to make your coffee beverage! Finally, you can now spot the difference between a cappuccino and macchiato.

Coffee Shop with USB Ports!

Aside from drinking coffee, another reason why we prefer to go into coffee shops is that we want to either charge our phone or plug our laptop to do our work. Well, the umbrellas installed outside this cafe have built-in USB ports that let you recharge your phone or electronic device while you relax.

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