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These Successful Businesswomen Gave Tips on How to Be Successful in Business

Gone are the days where women only have to stay at home as a housewife taking care of their family and children. Today, women empower themselves by getting a decent job and earn money to support their lifestyle.

They don’t rely on their husband’s finances to support their needs and wants anymore. More than that, the number of women who owned businesses in the United States is on the rise. What are their secrets and how can you become a successful businesswoman? These businesswomen gave advice in running your own business.

The Study

According to the latest State of women-owned businesses, report conducted by American Express, around 10 businesses in the United States are now either owned, operated, and controlled by women.

This comprises an astounding total of 12.3 million companies or around 58% of women-owned business than a decade ago. In the year 2017 alone, around 1,821 women opened up businesses across the country each day. Meanwhile, the number of businesses owned or majority shared by male-only grew around 12% in the same period.

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More and more women have the capacity and confidence to start up their own business.

According to business experts, this major shift in the business industry is a major step towards empowering women entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, the progress in other areas like employment in the private-sector workforce and total revenue contribution of women in the country continues rising at 4.3%.

So, how can you take advantage of this statistics and break through your boundaries to become a successful businesswoman? Here’s what some of the successful women business owners have to say.

Step by Step Approach

According to Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer of Shred415 Fitness Studio, it’s easy for women to become eager when it comes to accomplishing or completing a goal. Once women set their sights in something, they’ll do everything in their power to achieve it.

However, both women remind the future entrepreneurs to take it easy. Starting a startup business is never easy since it involves patience, time, commitment, and dedication to keep going.

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Start listing all your goals according to priority and accomplish them step by step to keep track of your progress and milestones.

Most of the times you’ll feel frustrated and tired as you face the struggles, setbacks, challenges, and even failures along the way as you start your business. If you feel overwhelmed, both women advise you to step back and tackle your tasks and goals one step at a time until you can reach the top.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

According to the real-estate franchise owner Haley Palmer at WIN Home Inspection, most women tend to sell themselves short or shy away from speaking about their achievements and accomplishments in fear of being called an arrogant for bragging. However, Palmer says you shouldn’t let the society dictates you for what to do.

As long as you’re sharing your achievements in an appropriate time and place, it isn’t bragging. In fact, your achievements serve as your strengths as you pitch your ideas for potential investors or customers in the future. Your hard work and achievements also help boost your confidence to keep going as you reach your success. Do not hide your success from others, and Palmer ensures respect will ultimately follow.

Accept Rejections

Meanwhile, Zakieia Rouah of Anytime Fitness in Morocco says women should be prepared to accept and embrace rejections. According to her, starting a business isn’t filled with brightness and positivity. Oftentimes you’ll find yourself crying because your strategies fail and you’re not attracting any customers to avail your products or services.

She advises women to gather their guts to accept these rejections and embrace it. According to her, it’s a natural part of life and in business.

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If your plan A was rejected, modify or improve it so that your Plan B will succeed. The alphabet is your ally for continuous improvement.

If your first attempt gets rejected, you should be open-minded to determine what went wrong in the process. Then you work on formulating new strategies to modify your plan or improve it until you arrive the correct strategy to do your business succeed.

Instead of wallowing yourself in pity and questioning your worth, you should gather up the courage to stay strong, confident and have faith in your idea and yourself.

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