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Subtle Tips to Make You More Productive no Matter how Packed Your Schedule is!

Maintaining a flexible schedule is hands down one of the most desirable traits every millennial aspires to have. Especially if your hours are packed, and there are quite a number of tasks that you have to execute.

However, the advent of modern distractions such as social media, cable, and the interruption from family members requires one to have great discipline in order to maintain a desirable schedule.

To be flexible, one has to manage their schedule well. In fact, it is desirable for one to hold themselves accountable when it comes to meeting their deadlines.

That being said, here are some great tips you can incorporate to successfully manage your schedule.

Adhere to a daily routine

From time immemorial, humans have been creatures of habit. This is one of the reasons why forefathers resorted to an agricultural-like lifestyle, to desist from the randomness of hunting and gathering. In fact, not only is their comfort in familiarity, but also a sense of responsibility when it comes to maintaining a daily routine.


Ideally, starting off one’s day with a linear routine and pattern helps one solve the various duties that they have been tasked with throughout the week. This will help one develop a foundation for their productivity and ultimately gear them up for long-term success.

One essential way of doing this is by allocating time to each of your tasks and ensuring that you complete them within the set time frame.  This certainly helps one effectively meet their deadlines.

Keep true to the workday

Even with a versatile work schedule, one should treat every day like the structured workday they had initially prepared to have. For example, one can wake up in the morning, get out of bed, and prepare for the day. By repeatedly doing this, your brain gets wired for the workday as is required.

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Being consistent with one’s workday will help them maintain their deadlines and ensure that they have plenty of time to relax after the end of their schedule.

In fact, studies have shown that being eloquently dressed can enhance one’s cognitive process tenfold. It appears that having habits such as these actually reinforce the correct mindset.

That being said, when one is on a flexible schedule, then they should know when to ultimately put their work down and spend some time relaxing. Additionally, if one is working remotely, they should know when to manage their work schedule so that it doesn’t seep into their free time.


In order to maintain a flexible work schedule, it is important that one has effective communication with his or her colleagues and bosses to be on the same page and do not cause any subsequent delays. One can do this via email, texts, or even phone calls to ease communication. This will inevitably help you avoid inefficiency, as well as redundancy when it comes to your work schedule.

Keep true to your goals

When putting the time and effort into your schedule, it is essential to avoid procrastination and to adhere to one’s goals no matter how difficult and complex they are.

In fact, procrastination definitely has its long-term consequences. In fact, according to the Procrastination Research Group, studies have documented that 90 percent of people do it at least once a day.

That being said, one has to have a high level of discipline in order for them to set their deadlines and to adhere to them both in your work and personal lives.

Though this might seem difficult at first, with practice, one can eventually begin making the right judgment calls, and effectively implement their work schedule to save their time.

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