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Stay Productive While Working From Home During COVID-19

With the open-ended COVID-19 outbreak, businesses, and universities have decided to implement work-from-home policies for students as well as employees to abide by social distancing guidelines. However, this transition has raised concern about cultivating productivity, as one works among the preoccupations of at-home life. Fear not, for we have a few useful tips you can try to make your work-from-home experience as productive as possible!

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1. Establish a workspace

To avoid all sorts of distractions, you must find a particular spot to become your workspace at home. It’s okay if there’s no ideal office space in your house, for you can always use a dining table or even a small desk. Try not to do any kind of work in your bedroom. Since your mind and body relate that area to sleeping, you might not find yourself as productive there as compared to other spaces.

2. Keep up with regular hours

It can be challenging to manage a regular work schedule, but try doing it anyway. If before the pandemic you usually exercised before going to work, keep on doing that, and inject your work schedule from there. However, don’t let bad habits form. You can have a flexible schedule, but with an efficient routine, you’ll keep yourself productive.

3. Put away your phone

While working from home, your cell phone can become a big distraction—just as it would in a classroom or at the office. In creating a workspace detached from the other distractions at home, you should consider setting aside your phone where it won’t cause any disturbance.

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4. Maintain a healthy diet

Fighting the compulsion to stopover by your pantry every ten minutes might be challenging at this time. After all, your working so close to your kitchen. Nonetheless, you must eat as you used to back when you still had a normal day-to-day life. Fuel your body with nourishing foods to boost your mood as well as energy levels.

5. Make sure you socialize

Just like in school or the conventional workplace, socializing is crucial when working at home. Extended periods of isolation and disconnection aren’t beneficial for anyone’s mental state. Because we’re essentially in quarantine, communicating with schoolmates, colleagues, family, and friends through Zoom or Skype are a great way to reach out.

6. Listen to some music

Here’s a chance to level up your current workspace: Put on some easy listening music. It can be a remarkable benefit while working at home, as long as you don’t listen to the disconcerting kind. Also, be wary of the volume level for your housemates’ sake.

7. Go on breaks every now and then

Sunshine, as well as fresh air, aren’t just healthy for plants, they’re great for you, too. Go on a short break and take a walk. If you have a dog, then that’s more reason to enjoy the outdoors. Plus, taking short breaks every couple of hours can further develop mental clarity and maximum productivity.

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