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Starting an Academic Career: Here’s What You Need to Know

Making your mark during these tough times can be hard but, it is not impossible. There is no denying that universities are under a major financial strain, similar to any other industry struggling for survival during these turbulent times. Many people have lost employments, including the Ph.D. students who were planning to get an academic job.

Now that we’ve left the worst behind and the vaccine is paving the way to more stable times, here are the best tips you need to know to establish an academic career in 2021.

Pexels | There’s nothing you can’t do if you put your heart to it

1. Know Where to Compromise

While looking for an opening in the academic field, you should consider a few factors before taking the leap of faith. Firstly, some of the few factors that come into play are the institution’s location, the standard of the institution, and the position they are offering you. If you can compromise on one of these factors or maybe even two, you can find yourself a position in the field of academics.

2. Make Your Publication Profile Impressive

Though it’s instantly impressive if you have a Ph.D. manuscript, it cannot assure you a job right off the bat. For that, you will need to focus on publications other than your thesis. You need to convince the hiring committee that you are more than just a Ph.D. holder; you are genuinely interested in teaching your field of interest and staying up to date with the recent changes.

Pexels | Make sure you have a good publishing record to your name

3. Network Your Way to the Top

If you have peers or mentors in the same field, chances are they will easily provide you with the best advice you need to make your way to the top. You can also use networking to create new contacts and get in touch with people worldwide, hence expanding your circle.

4. Plan B- for Bailout

A career in academics is great, but, given the circumstances the world is in today, the chances of scoring a dream job as soon as you get out are low. You need to be able to keep your options open. You can also increase your chances of being hired in the academic field to enter and apply for a job in a corresponding field such as research work or school administration.

Pexels | Grab on to whatever you’re being offered when you’re starting out

Though times are tough right now, they are not going to be like this forever. Consider this as a pit spot on your journey to your true calling.

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