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Overcoming Your Public Speaking Issue: How to Get Rid Of Jitters the Right Way!

Let’s face it, public speaking isn’t easy. Indeed, some of us have been victims of the pressure to the point that we end up stuttering or even fainting whilst giving a presentation!

Boy, does that suck…

That being said, plenty of people try so hard to improve on public speaking but to no avail. They go for all sorts of seminars, read dozens of self-improvement books, and go for coaching classes only to find themselves still tongue-tied in front of an audience! Yet they don’t know the main reason why. The thing is that they forget the number one (and unforgiving rule) of public speaking.

It’s not about you, it’s about the audience. That’s right. It might sound a little simple at first, but it’s actually the core factor in public speaking.

When we make the whole process about ourselves, it hinders us from communicating in ways that determine how our words resonate with others.

The irony of the whole process is that the less we focus on serving ourselves as we talk to the audience, the more our message gets to them. That being said, the key is to speak courageously in front of others in a way that gains us respect, so that it improves the outcome for each and every one of us. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the ways in which we can improve our public speaking today.
It’s important to work on public speaking to improve your communication with an audience

Make Your Major Intention Known

The number one rule in public speaking is to be clear about our goals and achievements. Indeed, when we speak from the heart, our audience can be impacted directly or indirectly by our words.

That being said, bear in mind that speaking isn’t about proving how brilliant we are, attempting to win fans over, or making the wrong thing right. No, it’s about striving to make things better for the audience.

If our words resonate from the ego, arrogance, and pride that we have, we will most definitely trigger a sense of distrust with our audience. Indeed, it is in such cases that our ego might undermine our authenticity.

Engaging the Audience with a Narrower Core Message

As a rule of thumb, it’s important to always keep our message simple during public speaking.

Indeed, what is the core message that we would like our audience to remember while listening to our speech and what important message can they take home? It’s vital that we narrow it down and don’t overwhelm the audience.

Remember, our goal is for individuals in the audience to feel as if they have been served by the data or information that we have just shared.

Additionally, we can use slides to convey our points more effectively and further resist the urge to take up every bit of space with all the content that we have in our heads. Indeed, we end up losing attention fast. So less is more.
Audiences always want to know the person first before listening to what they have to say

Demonstrate During the Speech

The major mistake we make during speeches is that we tend to talk linearly about a given situation instead of using animation and stories during speeches.

One thing most people realize is that the audience doesn’t resonate with the actual information, but the story tied to the information is what captures them.

That being said, we should animate our speeches either with stories, visual aids, or humor to make it more relatable to the audience.

TZIDO SUN/Shutterstock
It’s vital to make public speaking about the audience, not about yourself

Being Unique, Authentic, and Humble

Another thing we have to understand is that before even an audience gets to listen to what we have to say, they first have to decide whether or not we are authentic individuals and worth listening to. Indeed, most people want to feel the human side of us first before resonating with what we have to say.

That being said, we should strive to communicate in such a manner that our audience can be able to resonate with what we have to say in an effective manner. Hence, we should strive to share our journey by having the perfect mix of lows and highs coupled with the hustle, the setbacks, and the success that we have.

That being said, this doesn’t eliminate the importance of seeing our value as well as acknowledging our self-worth. It just means being authentic.

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