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Want a Raise But Don’t Know How to Ask Your Boss? Follow These Fool-Proof Tips

Sometimes being acknowledged for your hard work may not be good enough, when you know that you deserve a raise then it is no problem for you to ask for one. Some people get very intimidated by their bosses when it Clem’s to asking for things like this, which is why they do the wrong thing and will most likely not get the raise even if they do deserve it. Here are the things that you should and shouldn’t when asking for a raise you deserve.

Make Sure You Deserve It

The very first thing that you must consider if you’re thinking of asking for a raise if you actually deserve it. There are some people who would think that they deserve a raise even if they haven’t done anything special that would improve their performance or have done so well with a massive project. However, if you managed to score a deal with a client or have been doing something more than what you’re supposed to do, then you definitely deserve it.

Prepare For It

If you don’t know how you’re going to ask your boss about it then it is best to simply plan it out. If it would help then make a list of the reasons why do you think you deserve a raise such as all the additional task you have accomplished and everything else that you have done to improve the company even if it is not part of your job. Some people print this one out for proof and their boss could read it themselves. This will most likely make your boss say that they will consider it and will talk about it with the supervisors. Keep in mind that considering it doesn’t meant that they will actually agree to it, but it is always better than the immediate rejection.

Timing Is Everything

If your company conducts a review every once in a while that is part of the review policy, then you must make the timing precise. Also, if you know that your company manages to do well in the past year, then it could be a great opportunity for you. However, if you know that it has been facing tons of problems lately then it might not be a good time to ask for something like this. When the company hasn’t been doing well, then your boss will most likely be stressed most of the time and it is a known fact that asking for a raise when your boss is not in a good mood will lead to rejection, hence timing is always the key.

However, if ever you got rejected, then it could be an opportunity for you to ask for something lighter. If your boss thinks that it’s not ideal to give you a raise right now for the company’s sake but believes you have been doing well, he or she might let you in for something that wouldn’t require money, such as letting you work from home one day a week.

Don’t Ask Via Email

One big mistake that most people do is to ask their boss for a raise via email. Keep in mind that it is indeed acceptable to schedule a meeting via email, but it’s always ideal to do it in person. Sending your concerns via email may make it seem like you’re not that serious about it, you could be more convincing if it is in person.

Don’t Be Unprofessional

Finally, some people unknowingly becoming unprofessional when they’re asking for a raise. Usually, they say unnecessary things such as sharing personal information. Some people even give an ultimatum that could literally lose their job. You wouldn’t want to sound too demanding, being confident is great but making it seem as if you’re ordering your boss for a raise or guilt-tripping them to give you a raise will never work. Be cautious as to how you should negotiate, stay in good terms with your boss or you will never get the raise you deserve.

Some people may think that asking for a raise is a lot but it is just all about knowing what you should and shouldn’t say as well having the perfect timing. If you ever get acknowledgment whenever you’ve done something out of the norm of your job then maybe you can just wait and see.

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