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Here’s the Best Time to Submit Your Resume, According to Hiring Managers

A job seeker’s ultimate weapon is their resume according to the HR experts. The resume serves as our window to land our job. This is where the potential employer will look into our skills and qualifications to determine whether or not we’re suited for the job. But with thousands of other job-seekers competing for the same job, how can you stand out? According to HR experts, you can beat your competitors by the timing in which you hand un your resume. How? Let’s read and find out.

The Right Timing

Most job seekers submit their resume either to their prospective employer or company or whenever they see an attractive job. Then the waiting game begins as you anticipate the HR or the employer’s call for an interview or an exam. Pretty simple, right?

But according to HR experts, you also need to time in your resume submission to make sure it’ll be read by your intended recipient and get found in the sea of other resumes. So they gave a rundown on the patterns they noticed to help the job-seekers time-in their resumes.

According to the HR experts, all days are not created equal, so you need to get the attention of the hiring manager as you submit your resume to increase your chances of getting hired or even noticed.

For example, most workers and even job seekers have a Sunday-night dread since they know they’re going back to the reality of working a tedious week the next day. Even more so for job seekers who have yet to find a job. While some job seekers see the new week as a week of opportunity and it inspires them to start their job search on Monday. Whether you want to appease yourself or are just totally inspired, most job seekers tend to apply for a new job on Monday.

The recruiting manager may also feel some Monday Blues since either they haven’t recovered from the past weekend yet or they dreaded facing the daily grind of the week. They’re also bound to notice the bad parts about their job. The recruiting manager’s boss may be reprimanding his employees because of a mistake then this unpleasant feeling extends to them and their co-workers.

These complications discourage the HR managers to skim over through resumes to find the suitable applicant. Simply put, they aren’t in the mood to entertain an applicant. And if they are, chances are, they will be cranky enough to let you undergo in an interview and will reject your papers once they see any tiny hints of mistakes that’ll disqualify you from getting the job.

What About the Rest of the Week?

According to HR experts, Tuesday also falls into the same routine as Monday. The hiring manager may face difficulties in dealing with his or her co-workers as they deal with work and personal dramas. Or if not, they may be reminded of how they are unhappy or unsatisfied with their current job. The same is true for Wednesday. Most HR managers think they’re still facing the middle of the week, their energy and enthusiasm to complete their work are incredibly low since they think they still have to spend two more days to finish the week.

According to the HR experts, many job seekers felt inclined to pass their resumes at the beginning of the week, causing the volume of resume papers to surge in the HR’s desk.

According to the HR experts, the reverse momentum starts during the second half of the week. From Thursday onwards, most HR managers have already settled for the week, causing them to be more productive in their work since they have already accepted working until the rest of the week. On Fridays, most job seekers also think of riding out the week until the weekend and start looking for a job the next week, which repeats the horrendous cycle!

Breaking the Cycle

To Break this cycle, the HR experts advise you not to submit your resume during the busy days of the week namely from Monday-Wednesday. This will help avoid your resume from getting lost in the crowd.

They recommend you send your resume from Thursday-Saturday to increase your probability of getting noticed. Not only that, but they are also likely to review your document carefully. An extra tip, most professional recruiters tend to check their emails over the weekend to select the best candidate for the job. So make sure not to procrastinate and submit your resume on time!

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