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Dunkin Drops Artificial Dyes In Its Donuts

Before we became addicted and fond of doughnut sweets of J.Co and Krispy Kreme, we first fell in love with Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts took pride in creating these iconic sweetened doughnuts that became our instant favorite snack during our childhood days. And even if several companies have emerged to compete with the company’s products, we can’t deny that we’re still seeking that unique taste and blend Dunkin brought to us. And it seems that Dunkin Donuts want to step up with their services to deliver only the best quality of doughnuts in the world in terms of taste and texture. We already remember that Dunkin Donut had changed their recipes and introduced new doughnut flavors. And now, Dunkin Donuts wished to serve their loyal customers with a healthy sweet food too!

Dunkin Donuts to Introduce a Healthier Version of Doughnuts

Dunkin Donuts to Remove Artificial Dyes on its Products

The company knows that as the years go by, the demand of its loyal customers is also changing. Because of the heavy food coloring and artificial sweeteners, most food manufacturers put in their products, almost half of the human population are now suffering from a terminal illness like Diabetes. The excessive blood sugar deposited in our body is caused by these artificial colors and sweeteners that alter our metabolism as well as our production of the insulin hormone. Not to mention that excessive sugar is the main culprit behind our obesity.

Dunkin Donuts Released an Official Statement About Eliminating Artificial Dyes on its Products

Dunkin Donuts Released an Official Statement About Eliminating Artificial Dyes on its Products

In order to address these health concerns, Dunkin Donut announced recently that they are planning to eliminate all the artificial colors and dyes they used for their doughnuts. They also intend to implement the total elimination by the end of 2018. In the year 2017, the company already started eliminating the artificial dyes in its doughnuts in the United States, and the company is committed to continuing its so-called “New Year’s Resolution” to eliminate artificial dyes in all of its branches around the world. If you’re wondering what ingredients will become the replacement for these dyes, Dunkin Donut stated that they will use a natural ingredient like Coolatta to make their products cleaner, safer, and healthier for the public to consume.

Dunkin Donuts Was Not The First One to Get Rid of Artificial Dyes on Its Products

The FDA had allowed the food companies to use artificial dyes on their products granting that they meet the minimum safety requirements. They reiterated that the use of artificial sweeteners and colorings must be limited for the safety of cosmetics or food presentation and that it should also be safe for human consumption. However, because of the underlying health complications brought by artificial ingredients, most giant companies like Donuts had already taken the initiative to eliminate the use of artificial ingredients in their production.

Nestle Products Also Removes Artificial Dyes on Its Chocolate Brands

In 2015, Nestle had also released a statement claiming that they would be removing all artificial colorings they used in over 250 chocolate products. Some of the most popular chocolate products which were affected by the elimination were the Baby Ruth and Butterfinger candy bars. General Mills, who was responsible for Lucky Charms products, also released a statement that they will follow the Nestlé’s action as well. According to their survey, around 49% of their household customers are seeking out products without artificial ingredients in the foods they buy. Because of this demand, this prompted the company to remove all artificial ingredients and food coloring on their products.

The company’s heads are also concerned with recent health studies showing that the use of artificial food coloring can lead to organ damage, trigger allergic reactions, birth defects, and even cancer. So if you’re already suffering some symptoms, we recommend you to schedule a checkup with your attending physician to determine whether or not the symptoms you’re suffering are caused by the artificial dyes.

You Can Now Look Forward to a Healthier Dunkin Donut This 2018

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According to the NHS, the recommended sugar intake for children ranging from 7-10 years old is 24 grams. While children aging from 4-6 years old only have to consume less than 19 grams of sugar per day.

Now that this announcement is currently being implemented, there’s no reason for you to hold back from indulging yourself from your favorite doughnuts anymore. If you’re losing weight or if you just want to live a healthy lifestyle, you don’t need to struggle with depriving yourself of eating sweets while worrying about spiking up your blood sugar. Since the company is now using all-natural ingredients, you can now rest assured that what you’re eating is healthy and good for your body.

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