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Dreaming of Becoming a Cook? Here’s what You Need to Learn!

Most people love eating. Aside from the fact that eating food is a necessity for nutrition, we simply cannot resist the mouth watering cuisines served on the table. Most of us dreamed of recreating those delicious foods served in the restaurants or whenever we see a recipe video on the Internet.

However, not everyone can cook well. If anything, most people rely on fast-food meals either because they don’t have the time to cook or they’re frustrated chefs. But before you decide on giving up on your dream, these culinary lessons will help you rekindle your love for cooking and become a great cook in no time!

Put Everything in Place

If you want to have a seamless cooking session, the professional chefs advise you to organize your kitchen. This means that you need to put all the things you need in one place so that it’ll be easier for you to get around while you cook your meal. The first thing you need to do in preparation is to select a dish to prepare.

Africa Studio/Shutterstock
The “Everything in Place” method is derived from the French word, Mise en place, which is commonly used for organizing a kitchen.

Then, list down all the kitchen tools you’ll need as well as the ingredients for the dish. The chefs recommend you place the ingredients you often use like salt, pepper, cooking oils, and vinegar either on a small tray right beside your stove, or in a cabinet above so that you can get them easily whenever you need it. For the tools you rarely use, it is recommended to place it on the back or your kitchen counter.

Opt for a Sharp Knife.

Most people think a sharp knife is dangerous since its razor-edged blade can cut through your hands easily. However, the professional chefs claim otherwise. According to them, a sharp knife is considered a safe knife since it helps to fasten your prep work and make your cuts even-sized.

If you have a smooth time cutting your ingredients, it helps the veggies and the protein to cook more evenly resulting in a better-looking and tastier food. Using a dull knife to cut the ingredients, on the other hand, requires more force than a sharp knife. This increases the risk of your hands to slip and get cuts and wounds in the process.

Look for Affordable Basic Kitchen Tools

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Professional chefs recommend visiting your local restaurant supply store to find the best, reliable, and budget-friendly workhouse kitchen tools.

The desire to buy expensive and professional kitchen tools like Sur La Table or Williams-Sonoma might be tempting, but experts suggest you refrain from purchasing them first, especially if you’re still a beginner.

Not only is it costly, but you don’t need to use these complicated kitchen tools right away. The experts advise you choose durability or functionality over aesthetics. Spending $10 for a single slotted spoon over $40 is preferable and more cost-effective. Besides, you can use the extra money you saved either in your personal funds or buying more ingredients to cook more dishes!

Create a Plan to Manage Your Time Efficiently.

As you prepare your menu for the day, you might have started listing your recipes like the main course, dessert, and appetizer. However, with the limited time you have, cooking these three dishes can be a hassle for you.

To ensure a smooth and time-efficient cooking experience without sacrificing the quality of your food, professional chefs advise the aspiring cook to create a comprehensive plan. This means that you should divide your menu into a series of tasks. Next, you need to rank or group your tasks according to priority.

For example, start working on meals that take longest to cook first. And while you’re waiting, you can multitask and work on the fastest food to cook like the salad dressing. In this way, you’ll be able to maximize your time and cook all the dishes all at once.

Learning to Break Down a Whole Chicken

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According to professional chefs, one awesome butchery skill every cook must learn is how to debone a chicken.

Aside from impressing your friends with your skill, it’ll help you save more money compared to buying the chicken’s individual parts. Its different cuts also open to endless cooking options for you. For example, you can make a stew out of its thighs, pan sauce the breast, or grill its delicious wings.

Thinking of getting rid of the carcass? You might want to think twice. It’s because you can still use it for a homemade delicious chicken stock! Also, don’t worry if you’ll end up cutting its meat unevenly, you can still make it for kebabs or prepare it in a soup!

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