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Clear Signs That It’s Time to Quit Your Job

There is always a constant battle between choosing a job that pays and one where we can actually be happy with. The people that can have both are really lucky, to say the least. Stress in work is the most common thing adults experience, but it is important to know how to de-stress.

We all have bad days in the workplace, and sometimes it can even turn into a bad week. It’s really normal to feel that way. What’s not normal is not being able to remember the last time that the job brought happiness into our lives! There are solutions to this problem. A vacation or a leave is one, since it can help us recharge and feel better, but if it doesn’t fix the misery – it might be time to quit.

Here are scientifically proven signs to help us determine whether it’s already time to quit.

There is No More Passion

People who no longer enjoy their jobs usually dread Mondays

Passion is that burning feeling inside us that no matter how exhausting the job can be, it’s still fulfilling.  It is the main ingredient for success and a good source of energy to keep us going. Everything will just go downhill from there after losing passion. There’s no more excitement, happiness, and a sense of fulfillment.

The Company is Sinking

There’s nothing worse than being committed to a sinking or bankrupt company. There is no need to drown together since there are still many companies who are looking for employees. Find a company that promotes growth, both for the employees and the company itself.

The Salary Can’t Compensate for the Stress

Shopping is always a go-to stress reliever for most women

Sticking to a disliked job that pays well is somehow logical. But if the job is too stressful that nothing seems to fix it, then it’s time to reconsider new career choices. Being unhappy can have a lot of impacts on our health and stress can have its deadly physical manifestations. We have to think first of our health among other things.

The Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Exist Anymore

Having a balanced social life is proven to improve our general health. It can increase our life expectancy rate and make us feel happier. Don’t let work invade personal space. After all, it’s already taking 8-10 hours of our lives every day. Overtimes, no off days, and bring home tasks disrupts the relationships with other people especially our family.

There is No More Challenge

One of the best and at the same time worst part of being a new employee is being new. Best is in the way that it excites us to learn how the workplace works. Meeting new people that will soon to be close colleagues is also one of the best highlights. Waking up in the morning seems to have more meaning now since we know that we are doing something productive for the day. It’s also the worst because there is always the fear of making a mistake. We sometimes overthink that our workmates may not like us. But as soon as these feelings are replaced by total comfort, it might become a problem. We get bored in the office, the job doesn’t tap our skill anymore, and worst, there is no more vertical growth. It might be the time to quit and look for a job that will continue to move us forward.

Passion is like a coffee, it keeps us going throughout the day

Gossips that Triggers Negative Emotions

Gossiping is a universal behavior in the office. It’s either the person is being gossiped about or the one making the gossips. The truth is, no matter which side of the coin we are at, gossips can hurt others. It tears down a cohesive group one hurtful word at a time. If the office gossip situation is too much already, it can affect our mood and our appetite to work.

Think Before Quitting

Though these signs can help us draft our current pit, quitting immediately after one minor inconvenience is not smart. We have to make sure that we are experiencing one to three signs for a period of time before handing out a resignation letter. There are many reasons for burnout and quitting the job will not magically fix everything. Assessment and self-awareness is always the key. Let it be our compass and not our seldom unstable mood.

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