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Successful CEO Females Share Their Advice on Making It as Entrepreneurs

It can be pretty intimidating for women to make it in a field that is dominated by men. The field of business is no different. As a matter of fact, plenty of women struggle in the field of business to the point that they are unable to cope with the surmounting pressure of taxes, orders, and the balance of family life.

However, these three particular women have overcome such barriers to be the CEOs and chairwomen of the most successful companies around. We’re talking about CEO Anne Zornosa, of Ruby Ribbon, Fran Maier who owns a baby gear rental website BabyQuip, and last but not least, Lynn Perkins, who is the co-founder and CEO of Urban Sitter.

That being said, here is the advice they give to women planning to go the entrepreneurial and how they can successfully penetrate the market with their innovative ideas.

Women find it particularly difficult to start a successful business because of all the pressure that comes with being a mother and raising a family

Never Apologize

It’s common for most women to play the soft, weak side when they are confronted in a situation regarding a lot of grit, confidence, and firmness. That being said, in the business spectrum, most men are aware of this when conducting business with them. Hence, they will usually try to use these underhand tactics to scare these women into deals that do not favor them.

However, CEO of Hostfully, Margot Schmorak advises against this principle. She believes that women should be firm in their entrepreneurial decisions and should not apologize for any decisions that they make.

Additionally, as the boss of her business, a woman should not apologize for their personal life and should be the head and shoulders of the company.

Avoid Attempting to Over-Explain Yourself in Every Situation

Another major issue that these established CEOs see young female entrepreneurs facing is their need to over-explain every little situation that they are in. As a matter of fact, Maier comments on the situation, citing that she has seen quite a number of women writing much longer emails to justify their business decisions. On the contrary, men tend to write much shorter emails, hitting the nail on the head, and thus, avoiding the need of over-explaining themselves.

Always Acknowledge the Generosity of Your Top Investor

The most common puzzle that most young female entrepreneurs face is knowing what they can do in order to get an investor.

Little do they realize that the most important investor is themselves!

That being said, one should take the time to reward herself after every successful endeavor that the company will make. Let’s face it; the person most likely to spend a number of sleepless nights working tirelessly on company projects is you.

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The most successful female entrepreneurs need to have grit and perseverance

Don’t Be Tight with Your Money

You’ve probably heard this saying before, but it takes money to make money. Hence, if you want to succeed in your company, you should take the time to invest in products, features, and skills that will improve the structure of your business. That includes paying for good quality services, purchasing products, and always undertaking quality assurance.

Additionally, one should take the time to invest in marketing her business. This includes using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.

Don’t Be Fixed on Trying to Be Perfect

CEO Perkins of UrbanSitter advises that an individual should not try to be perfect. Rather, he should aim for excellence.

For example getting feedback from people is essential in helping you make the right decisions with your platform. Instead of always getting feedback from one place, an individual should strive to get feedback from multiple sources to have a better chance of receiving credible information regarding the structure and flow of their business.

Don’t Be Intimidated by Certain Situations

So you’re standing in a room full of investors and wondering what you can say next to have them convinced regarding your product or service. If by chance you are in such a situation, the smartest thing is to take a deep break and relax.

Relaxation is key in successful delivery when it comes to pitching your product. Additionally, the more poised you are, the more successful your idea will sound to the investors. Thereby increasing the chances of your product or service receiving all the funding it needs to be launched.

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