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These Couples Got Engaged to Feel Normal in a Not-so-normal World

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, everything has come to a standstill. Get-togethers, dinner plans, schedule events are all cancelled, even walking without fear in a crowded place is not possible. But the same is not the case with everyone as some of the people don’t want to wait for the things to get normal and are going as per previous plans. Below mentioned couples took matters in their own hands and moved on with their life by getting engaged.

Ali Knapp and Billy Clemons

Everyone in their circle had made plans about visiting specific different locations for work purposes. Billy made plans on visiting Chile, where Ali was going to meet him and where Billy had initial plans of proposing her in the presence of their mutual friends.

But due to the COVID crisis, everything, including the program, changed. That is why Billy adopted somewhat of a unique technique. He set up a tent in is house and used the TV to cast the spot where he had planned earlier of proposing her. He proposed her with a surprise to which Ali said, “yes.” The couple shared the pictures on Instagram with a caption that they are happily engaged now and wanted the people to wish them luck for the future.

Nicole Pompino and Bob Kane

When Nicole met Bob, she always insisted on getting engaged early, and that is what Bob had intended previously. Bob’s initial plans were to go traditional on one knee with their dog all dressed up with a slight hint of flowers, but due to the world being shut, he hid the ring somewhere safe inside a closet. Later he was fired from his job and when inquired by Nicole that how much he had saved. He said he didn’t have any savings.

Hearing this, Nicole started crying, and right at that moment, he knew that it was the right time to make her happy. He took out the ring, got on one knee, and proposed her. Nicole and Bob said that although it wasn’t supposed to be like this, they really needed that joyous moment in the dreaded world.

Julie Becker and Sam Spector

Julie Becker is a teacher by profession, and she had plans to visit Florida for spending her summer break with Sam. But due to the spreading coronavirus, Sam convinced her that she should come early as they were unaware of what the world would become in the coming days.

Sam tucked a ring in his pocket and planned on proposing her in Florida, and that’s what he did. Although the couple got struck down with COV-ID, they made it alive together. Both of them are now recovering speedily and asked people to pray for their health. The couple’s engagement in times like this is a lesson for people to not overthink anything and make the right decision.

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