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Anderson Cooper’s Tribute to His Late Mom Gloria Vanderbilt Will Bring You to Tears

It’s always heartbreaking to lose someone you love, all the more if it’s someone as close to you as your parents. It doesn’t exclude the rich nor celebrities — death is simply inevitable.

For Anderson Cooper, he lost his mom Gloria Vanderbilt recently to advanced stomach cancer. The CNN anchor penned an emotional tribute on social media and attached touching photos of him and his late mother, including one where he held the socialite’s hand during her final days.

Anderson Cooper is the fourth child of socialite Gloria Vanderbilt


Message to Mom

The heiress was 95 when the disease claimed her life. In the caption, Anderson said Gloria believed in love more than anyone and how it was the driving force behind such an influential woman. He also explained that it was her greatest gift to him. The 52-year-old shed light on what his mom went through the past month through an obituary.

As to what transpired, Anderson narrated that they rushed Gloria to the hospital in June after they found out that she had stomach cancer but it was already too late as it and the disease had spread to other parts of her body. As to how the patient took it, she was silent at first, the anchor continued, but then she likened it to an old song, hinting she was ready to go.

While we may know Gloria as an actress and the heiress to the famous Vanderbilt family, Anderson explained her mom’s real and private self is much more lovely than what she shows to her fans. He further likened her to someone who came from a distant star that was only stranded here on Earth, so he felt he had the responsibility to protect her.

Gloria Vanderbilt died because of stomach cancer

According to her son, Gloria was a strong person, but not tough because she couldn’t protect herself from the disease that eventually took her life. Apart from the photos, Anderson also shared a clip where you could hear his mom’s infectious giggle, something which TV show host Andy Cohen said Anderson got from his mama.

Bad Blood

Meanwhile, it looked like Gloria’s demise wasn’t enough to mend Anderson and Kathy Griffin’s broken friendship. The two had formed a bond after co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve specials but had a fallout after a controversial photoshoot of the comedian received massive backlash. After the circulation of the said photos, the man didn’t mince his words in saying he found these disgusting.

Kathy Griffin hasn’t reached out to ex-friend Anderson Cooper after the death of his mom

Hurt, Kathy said she felt betrayed because of the scandal and for not showing support to his friend. The incident cut deep in their friendship, leaving a permanent scar that neither was able to recover from.

On the death of Gloria, the stand-up comedian went as far as to say that she may even know the late famed elite more than Anderson does. She narrated that in fact, she even calls her Glo-Vandy, of course, with her permission. Plus, she said the nonagenarian imparted many life lessons to her.


Meanwhile, Anderson is the primary beneficiary of what Gloria had left. Before it was revealed that he was taking home a big chunk of his mom’s fortune, the journalist had said he wasn’t expecting any because the matriarch had clearly told him that there wasn’t any trust fund.

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