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Former Child Stars You’d Never Ever Recognize On The Street – Who Developed Mental Health Issues That Require Treatment?

Child stars get used to the Hollywood life from early on which is not always productive later in their lives. Some of them develop eating disorders, drug addiction, alcoholism or social anxiety disorder later. All of this usually happens when they crack under the showbiz pressure on the hunt for new roles. Many child celebs have to pull out the credit card to pay for rehabs and treatments to cope with their conditions, and that’s where most of their fortune goes. Here is a list of child stars we adored and grew up with; let’s see what they came to be.

Josh Saviano

You will probably remember Josh Saviano for his role on The Wonder Years. In the show, he played a nerdy young guy with allergies, but in real life, he has quite a bit of swag. Following the show, Saviano left acting to focus on education and received a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Yale University. Afterward, he went to Yeshiva University where he studied law, and today, he is the CEO of multiple upstarts and has his own law firm. Quite a transition he made there!

Haley Joel Osment

Osment had a great start with Forest Gump, and later starring in The Sixth Sense brought him international fame. Still, in his later years, he was seen less and less. He was not a good fit for producers anymore, so he turned to education. But in 2006, he was caught driving under the influence and in possession of marijuana. He had to enroll in a drug treatment program on a court order.

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