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Celeb Kids All Grown Up – What They Look Like Today Will Leave You Speechless

Raising a child is one of the most beautiful and demanding aspects of one’s life. While it’s always a challenge on its own, celebrities have an extra task of doing it in the spotlight! We’ve seen many healthy and happy celebrity children, but they often escape the center of attention as soon as they can or just find their own way to succeed in life. With many traits and downsides to growing up as a celebrity, we’ve also witnessed many of those kids end up in drug rehab or need of a DUI attorney. We’ve now put together a list of our favorite forgotten celebrity kids who have all grown up and are rising stars based on their efforts.

Gracie Catherine McGraw – A Carbon Copy Of Her Mother

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill both turned to social media on Saturday (May 5) to share their love for their oldest daughter, Gracie, as she turns 21. The country couple married in October 1996, and they welcomed Gracie Catherine McGraw on May 5, 1997. “On this day, 21 years ago, Tim and I learned for the first time what it meant to love someone so much that our hearts would explode,” Faith writes to accompany a picture she posted to Instagram. “That precious baby girl has now grown into the most stunning young woman.” Gracie has inherited her parents’ musical abilities. She joined her father on “Here Tonight,” a duet from his Damn Country Music album, and even sang it onstage with him at his Nashville tour stop in 2015. In 2017 he revealed he’d been trying to talk her into recording an album, saying, “She’s a unique stylist, writer and singer.”

Jack Quaid – Actor

Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan were married for a decade before they ended up in filing for divorce. Jack Quaid is the former couple’s son who ended up pursuing the same career path as his parents. You will get to see Jack in the upcoming series The Boys and the film, Rampage.  

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