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9 Revenge Stories That Will Make You Love And Hate Being A Human

Revenge… A subject that perhaps everyone and anyone can relate to with quotes and sayings from renowned individuals like Plutarch, Gandhi, Sinatra, and more. Does this mean that humans are spiteful beings by nature? Maybe, maybe not. However, it’s undeniable that there are folks who just need to get even once they’ve been wronged. And although vengeance generally doesn’t solve anything, those that are humorously done can give us some kind of a relief. We, ourselves, don’t recommend vengeful actions for anybody’s well-being, but these revenge stories are just too priceless not to share!

Boyfriend Rejects Her On ‘Kiss Cam’, Girlfriend Finds Solution Next Seat

The kiss cam is a positively nice diversion from an otherwise tense game for those at the losing end of the stick. But sometimes, instead of sweet kisses, what we get are uncomfortable moments. The apparent couple you see above had once been put on the spot by the kiss cam. However, the guy seemed like he was more interested in snogging his beer than kissing the girl. So, what did the gal do? She quickly retaliated by kissing the dude next to her instead. Do you think that’s considered cheating? Their video has garnered over eight million views since it’s been posted by Atlanta Hawks on YouTube.

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