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Which of These Religions Do You Belong To ?

A big part of a man’s life is believing in a Higher Power. This gives humans an additional strength and will that there is greater purpose than what we have on earth. People believe that there is life after death and that we were created by a holy God. The need to belong to a faith gives life a sense.  

These are the major religions and beliefs that distinguish them from others.

I think people are tired of religion and how it divides and damages people. You can name it whatever you want, Islam or Christianity, but if you have a system in which God is distant and angry all the time, and you’re trying to please him through the right disciplines, it isn’t going to work for everyone.” –William P. Young


The believers of Islam are called Muslims. They believe in Allah, the Almighty God. They believe that Allah created the universe and is the source of both good and evil. To them, everything that happens is Allah’s will. They also believe that Allah is a strict judge but has mercy to those who believe depending on the one’s deed and faith. They think of themselves as servants of Allah.

Among several prophets, Muhammad is the last. Muslims have to follow five religious duties, including

  • Repeating a creed about Allah and Muhammad.
  • Recite some prayers five times a day in Arabic.
  • Give to the Needy
  • Fast for a month each year without food, drinking, intercourse, and smoking from sunrise to sunset
  • Pilgrimage once to worship at a shrine in Mecca.

These would be the determinants of whether a Muslim will enter Paradise or Hell.


Most Hindus worship Brahman, one Being of ultimate oneness through infinite gods and goddesses. These gods and goddesses incarnate within idols, rivers, gurus, temples and many others.

They believe that their position in life is determined by their previous life. They provide an explanation for suffering and evil. For example, when a person is bad or does bad things, then it will be reflected in his hardship and suffering. Whatever good a person has done is reflected in the good things that come.

Hindus aim to be free from the law of karma and endless reincarnation and be at rest. To them, there are three ways to end karma:

  • To be devoted to any Hindu gods or goddesses
  • To grow in knowledge through meditation of Brahman.
  • Dedication to religious ceremonies and rites.


Christians believe in a loving God that they can personally get to know. Jesus Christ, the Son of God/is God/and part of the holy trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit), do not focus on rituals but the relationship with Him and getting to know HIM BETTER.

Faith in God, as well as His teachings, is how a Christian enjoys life and feels the depth of it. Jesus Christ did not identify Himself as a Prophet but God in a human form. He did this by doing miracles, forging the sins of people, and promising those who believe in Him eternal life.

The Bible is the written message of God to mankind for Christians. It also serves as the record of the life of Jesus on the accounts of His chosen disciples, His love and truth, and how to have a relationship with Him.

“It doesn’t matter if a million people tell you what you can’t do, or if ten million tell you no. If you get one yes from God, that’s all you need.”— Tyler Perry 


Most people that are of other religions think that Buddhists worship Buddha. They do not worship Gods or any God. Siddhartha Gautama, famously known as Buddha, never claimed to be divine. Buddhists see him as a person that attained what they aim for, the spiritual enlightenment and the freedom from the repetitive cycle of life and death. They believe that man has infinite rebirths, and along with it are the sufferings. They seek to end the rebirth caused by cravings, delusion, and aversion. Buddhists aim to purify their hearts and let go of all the desires and attachments to themselves.

Buddhists principles are dedicated to meditation. Unlike praying, their meditation is more comparable to disciplining themselves to reach the “blowing out” of the flame of desire or simply Nirvana.”


New Age believes that one possesses his own power or divinity. They believe that they themselves are God and that everything they see is divine. New Age is a combination of ancient spiritual traditions that recognizes multiple gods and goddesses and view the world as the source of spirituality. But above all these is self. Self is the originator, controller, and the God of all.

These believers teach a broad assortment of Eastern mysticism and psychic techniques to develop consciousness and their divinity. They believe that any negative thing that personal experience is an illusion and that nothing in life is negative or painful.

At one point, a person has got to have faith and something to hold on to. Whatever religion a person decides to be a part of, it is critical that it should be based on his personal beliefs and not by the influence of others.

Which religion do you think you are most suited to?


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