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There Is No Spiritual Health Without a Strong Relationship with Nature

Although many people know that they can improve their health by  spending moments in nature, not many of them know that our overall well-being actually depends on our relationship with nature. Spiritual health is an important component of an individual’s overall health. Just to remind you, there are three different parts of our overall health. These are physical, mental and spiritual health. All the three have to be taken care of if we want to be a healthy person since they have a profound effect on one another.

So, let’s start from our relationship with nature.

How can we improve our relationship with nature? Here are some tips.

Find a good place

First things first, but this doesn’t mean that you need some ‘perfect’ place. Nature is all around us and every place out of the four walls and technology is a good place. You can simply walk a bit around your town until you see a place that looks good enough to relax in and listen to the sounds of nature. And that’s it, that’s your ‘perfect’ place! Just that spot in the park, behind your building, or by the river. Just there.

Sit down and relax

… or you could run, climb, cycle, or simply walk. Still, it is easier to connect spiritually while your mind and your body are quiet and focused. If your body is active, your thoughts will also be running inside your head and you wouldn’t relax in an appropriate manner. Somehow, the rhythm of walking and running encourages your usual stream of thoughts.

You should bring with you a blanket, or something similar to sit on. Just make sure that it can make you feel cozy and relaxed. That mustn’t be something too large but something light and practical. You really don’t want to bring anything heavy which will make you tired and dizzy from dragging it around.

Also, pay attention to your clothes. You should put on something light for sitting. The longer you will be sitting, the more your body temperature will drop, so you should bring some extra layers.

Now, look around yourself attentively

“The beauty of the natural world lies in the details.”Natalie Angier 

Observing nature (or simply looking at cars moving in the distance) and the interaction of its components (people, things, animals, and objects) will give you a specific feeling. This feeling is hard to explain, but it makes you realize how things go on even though you are not participating. The grass grows, there will always be some people going somewhere, the birds will fly, the water will flow, the Sun will shine, the clouds will move…

In our everyday routine, we tend to become trapped and then suddenly we get that unnatural feeling that the world would stop if we stopped for a second or didn’t do something. We are always in such a hurry that we even forget to eat, drink, and breath deep. Those are serious things that lead us to a disease, so you should stop and relax right now. Take a deep breath and go relax somewhere in nature! Don’t dwell on your problems for the next hour or so. Just walk outside in the park and listen to nature’s sounds.

Make a commitment

You should make a commitment to connect with nature at least once in every two weeks or even more often. The perfect thing would be once or twice a week!

When our lives are busy, our minds are even busier and what they actually need is frequent relaxation. We belong to mother nature, so we need to listen to it and communicate with it.  Spending time alone with nature is like spending time with your own mother; just think about it.

Silence, please

Did we mention that you have to be ALONE with nature? When we are spending time with other people, we tend to talk to each other. On those occasions, silence is something that makes us feel uncomfortable. We are concerned about what people are thinking about us, so we adapt our behavior to ensure we’re behaving according to the specific social convention.

Women are especially vulnerable on this matter since they are taught to focus on what other people are feeling and saying. So, when accompanied, they cannot focus on their own thoughts and needs. Thus it becomes difficult for them to connect with nature when accompanied by other people.

Communicating with nature works best in solitude. Therefore, all of you tired and stressed people out there,  take a rest from all the people around you and go visit some natural beauties right now!

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