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Thinking Too Much? Here’s How To Clear Your Mind

In the fast-paced environment we’re currently living in, we can’t help but think of many things simultaneously. Worrying about the next quiz or exam, dealing with homework if you’re a student stresses you out. If you’re a working adult, the stress of grinding every day to work exhausts your body. Not to mention dealing with your clients and boss, meeting with back-to-back appointments, as well as dealing with your personal or financial problems, often put your body and mind to fatigue.

Sometimes, we find ourselves spacing out in a corner while our mind is sorting through different problems we’re encountering in life. You feel like your time, attention, and even effort is not enough to solve all the problems or battles you’re dealing with. This also creates an insane fear inside us on what the future will bring. Overthinking about the future as well as our problems put a drain on our physical and mental health. How can we ever control ourselves from overthinking? Here are some ways on how to stop overthinking about life and help ease the stress out from the body.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Other’s Progress or Success

An Orange Has Different Properties Than Apple. Likewise Don't Compare Yourself to Others

An Orange Has Different Properties Than Apple. Likewise, Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

One of the main culprits, why we’re overthinking ourselves, is because we can’t help but compare ourselves to others. Let’s say for example if you’re a working adult, you become jealous or envious if your workmate gets promoted first. Or if not, all of your friends in your circle are already in a relationship, or in a happy marriage while you’re still single. Tell you what, while comparison also has its fair share of benefits or advantages, comparing yourself to other people constantly will do more harm in your life than good. It’s okay to compare yourself once in a while if it can motivate or inspire you to work harder in achieving your goals. But if all you feel is frustration, hatred, and jealousy, then you’re better off without it.

You need to remember that life is a journey, not a contest. You don’t need to achieve what the others have achieved. You are unique, you are special. Instead of trying to blend with the others, we recommend you to focus on your own life instead. Focus on achieving your goals and dreams because no one else can do it for you. It’ll save you a lot of time and energy rather than minding others business. And besides, you need to remember that in due time, at the right time, you’ll also be able to achieve what they have when you’re ready.

Surround Yourself With People Who Believe In You

Whatever Your Goal Is, Be With People Who Support Your Dreams and Goals

Whatever Your Goal Is, Be With People Who Support Your Dreams and Goals

When we talk about goals and dreams that we want to achieve in our lives, chances are, you’ll encounter some people who’ll just shrug it off as nothing, right? Or if not, you may meet someone who’s pessimistic and will tell you that you’re just wasting your time. Or that it’s impossible to achieve your dream. These negativities in your life lead to overthinking and self-doubt. It dwindles your confidence and you began to question everything in your life. Is what you’re doing still worth it? Do you think you have it in you to achieve your dreams? Overthinking about all these things will only stress you out. In worse cases, it can lead to a depression.

Instead of surrounding yourself with negative things, find a support system from those people who believe in you. Seek to those people who believe in your ability to achieve your dreams and who will support you all the way. Being with people who believe in you will cast away all of your doubts and will allow you to focus on your goals more.

Read Real-life Stories from Successful People

Read Successful Stories from Successful People To Inspire Yourself to Keep Going

Read Successful Stories from Successful People To Inspire Yourself to Keep Going

No matter how determined or positive you are in life, there comes a time where life will bring you down. No matter how much you do your best, you’re bound to fail. And that’s okay, don’t overthink about your failure. Instead, lift yourself up and read about the failures of successful people. Learn a lesson from them on how they overcame struggles and failures in life. This will help inspire you to keep a positive mindset. You’ll realize that it’s okay to fail, there’s nothing wrong with that. It just means that there’s a room for improvement. So that the next time you try again, you’ll be more careful with your actions and progress to avoid committing a mistake again. And when you do, the process will be smoother this time since you already learned your lesson.    

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