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How Mind and Body Get Affected by Spiritual Struggles

People often get bizarre feelings that they simply can’t explain to others. These mysterious sensations can be physical, mental, spiritual or emotional, but what most people need to understand is that all they are almost always connected to one another because, in order for them to function as a whole, each and every single part needs to be taken care of. The body, mind, and soul must all come together to work as one, and if you don’t acknowledge the need to improve this intricate balance, then you may find yourself a little lost.

Experts believe that the mind, body, and soul are all connected

Mental Health’s Role on Spirituality

According to University of Michigan researcher, Neal Krause, studies prove that there is indeed a link between spiritual, physical, and mental health. He has even done research himself on how exactly the balance between these elements can be attained. Based on the results, spiritual struggles actually do have an effect on physical as well as mental health of a person. Some people find it difficult to find inner peace since they don’t belong to any religion, or believe that the body and the soul are two elements that need to work together.

Experts also say that this difference in mindset is where the confusion arises. Those who are struggling spiritually will feel the effect on their mind and body. When your spiritual side is affected, it will most likely affect your mental and physical health as well, with your mental wellbeing the first one to get compromised. One of the best possible ways to lift up your spirits – quite literally –  is by doing certain mental stimulations. This may seem like a complicated process, but it is simply stimulating your mind by learning new things or reading new information. This is why experts always say that the mind must be fed at all times just like the body.

Learning new things every single day gives your mind the challenge it needs to grow and strengthen. Even though we use our brains every day for every voluntary and involuntary activity we perform, there is no guarantee that our day-to-day jobs are actually stimulating the brain. Brain activities need not be complicated. By simply playing mind games, learning a new language, and other skills that involve thinking will keep the brain sharp, therefore helping it focus more.

Being healthy, spiritually, physically, and mentally, can be difficult to attain

A spiritual life always needs the mind as a partner, this is why when people are usually stressed out with life in general, they tend to feed their spiritual side by usually praying or doing any other rituals depending on their beliefs. However, the mind is not the only thing that gets affected, there is also the body.

Physical Health’s Role on Spirituality

Once the mind gets affected, it is guaranteed that the physical aspect will soon follow. People who find it difficult to deal with whatever struggles they have with their spirituality may realize that it is already affecting their decisions in life that could show through their actions and lifestyle.

Some people may let go, and start eating unhealthy foods, begin a habit that will lead to them having severe health issues. One great way to maintain good health is not just by eating healthy, but also by constantly moving. Regular exercise will be able to help the body reduce stress hormones that are caused by spiritual struggles. There are tons of studies that discovered how a message from the mind can push yourself to release chemicals that could make people relieved and happy from any stress.

The exercise is just one part of it though because giving the body fuel is the next most important one that you must remember. Food and sleep basically keep the body going, if you try to eat healthily, you will notice the changes in your lifestyle. Almost every spiritual side promotes a certain lifestyle just like in Christianity wherein consuming way too much food in one sitting is considered as a mortal sin. This is why it’s encouraged to have a healthy lifestyle, and that also includes having enough sleep.

Spiritual struggles may have bad effects on the mind and body

Those who are struggling with their spirituality may have a hard time sleeping, and having a peace of mind will help the body get more sleep if it’s lacking any. Not everyone acknowledges their spiritual side so most people tend to find it very hard to ease their stress, and those who embrace the fact tend to not know what to do when one of the elements is not doing well.

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