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Experts Reveal the Secrets to Beat Your Loneliness and Be Happy

In this world where 7 billion people or more inhabit the Earth, it’s difficult to imagine the loneliness we feel one way or another could be a problem not only to ourselves but also to society.

However, new research shows that loneliness, accompanied by social isolation is becoming a bigger health hazard compared to smoking and obesity. And according to health experts, this problem is about to get worse.

The Study

According to an AARP 2010 study conducted by Jeremy Nobel, M.D., and other researchers at Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard, around 42.6 million American adults suffer from chronic loneliness.

Nobel reiterates the loneliness these adults feel didn’t come from spending time alone. Nobel defines loneliness as a loss of emotional connection from yourself and your people as if something’s missing and you’re at a loss on how to fill that gap. Nobel adds the emotional discomfort you’re feeling can be toxic and may affect your neurophysiological, mental, and physical well-being if it persists for a long period of time.

Loneliness can be difficult to diagnose since an American adult can still feel lonely even when they’re with friends, in the crowd, or even in their married life.

Why do more and more people get lonely? Nobel believes the technological convenience and divisiveness we have are partially to blame.

These lonely people then tend to be less involved in social events, have few friends and could even face an earlier death due to depression, anxiety, chronic illnesses, and substance abuse according to Nobel. Before it happens to your or your loved one, Nobel and his team recommend you apply these tips to beat loneliness.

Maintain Happy Physical Connections.

As much as possible, connect with your physical friends, bond with your family, socialize with your neighbors or colleagues in any social events. If possible join a club to meet new people inclined with your interests.

These interactive activities will help you not only in overcoming your loneliness but also in maintaining an active mind. The more your mind and body get active, the more healthy and happy you’ll be.

According to one participant named Jude Marie Goudreau, the main reason why she’s lonely was that she isolated herself in their house when she retired and her body and mind were inactive. She just played with her cat until she decided to join a club and make physical connections.

Limit Your Digital Moments

Most people nowadays tend to post their selfies, published their status, milestones, progress, and success in life. While these moments are inspiring, Nobel says the digital convenience we currently enjoy can do more harm in our body and mind than good.

According to the study conducted by the Center for Research on Healthcare at Pittsburgh, a social comparison can trigger exclusion and jealousy, which caused you to be lonely, and you’ll start questioning your worth. Not to mention the radiation and glare you get from staring at the screen hurts your eyes and disturbs your sleeping pattern.

Most people nowadays couldn’t help but compare themselves to their friends and other people whenever they see them posting about their milestones and success in life.

Instead of spending too much time browsing the Internet and stalking your News Feed, Nobel recommends you focus on having physical alone time instead. Read a book, continue writing your story, cook your favorite meal, or do the things that make you happy and fulfilled.

It’s important to reconnect with yourself through your hobbies and passion. If you want more company, you can call your friends for a night out or camp outside. The physical touch and care you receive from your network make you remember that you matter, and you’re not as alone as you think.

List Down All The Good Things in Your Life

Listing down all your bountiful blessings can help remind you to be thankful in life.

Instead of dwelling on all your flaws, weaknesses and the things you lack that others have, Nobel recommends you focus on the blessings you receive as well as the good things happening in your life. Instead of thinking about how unfortunate you are that you haven’t gotten your dream house, be thankful instead that your job enables you to pay your rent on time.

Instead of dwelling in the fact that you’re not working your dream job, work hard in your current job to save money to support your passion and skills. Transforming negative thoughts into positive ones help you to be motivated and focus on reaching your goals in life.

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