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This Is How You Can Call Your Guardian Angel For Help

The first thing you have to know is who are the angels and the archangels you can call for help. They are basically the divine spiritual beings of love and light, and they don’t care about getting names, so you can name them any way you like. All you really need to do is ask for help. You don’t have to name an angel when asking for help, even though people usually do, and it will help you.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”] “Know that you are divinely guided and watched over in every moment of every day.” ― Eileen Anglin [/su_quote]

These are the names of the angels you can call for help

The guardian angels – every person has their own guardian angels who are with them all their lives. They give them guidance, support, and healing.

Archangel Michael – gives your life purpose and protection.
Archangel Raphael – gives us healthy mind, body, and spirit.
Archangel Gabriel – gives us creativity, communication, and the ability to have children.
Archangel Uriel – gives us the emotional healing and helps us remember.
Archangel Jophiel – enables us to see beauty in all things and create it.
Archangel Haniel – it works with the lunar cycles.
Archangel Ariel – gives us the ability to reach prosperity and abundance, it is a guardian of animals.
Archangel Zadkiel – helps us in remembering things.
Archangel Azrael – helps with healing from grief.
Archangel Chamuel – it helps us with love issues and with finding lost items.
Archangel Metatron – it can help if you’re running late; it is the creator of Sacred Geometry Healing.
Archangel Raguel – it brings harmony and justice.
Archangel Raziel – it helps us with healing from past trauma and pain.
Archangel Sandalphon – it is in charge of everything about music.
Archangel Jeremiel – it is the helper of the new souls.

And these are only a few of the angels/archangels. If you want to know more about them, please check the books written by Doreen Virtue.

These are the ways to call on your angels for help


 This is a statement that you have to use when you are ready for the new big change in your life. You can use it to ask your angels for help with just about anything as long as it is a positive thing towards your highest good. When calling for help, please keep your words simple, positive and focus on what you want, the goal.

You should write or say your intentions once or twice, but do not complain since it demonstrates doubt and a lack of faith, which attract negative energy. Once you do this, you should start paying attention to the ideas and opportunities that come to you. You should follow them since your angels will be giving you information intuitively to help you create what you desire. That is just the way they work.

Call for people and resources

The only thing we sometimes need is a person or a thing which can help us in our job or a personal matter. The angels can bring us those people, i.e., things we need as long as they are for the good and positive purpose. The only thing we have to do is ask for help. ”Please, dear angel, can I have…in order to create… Thank you.” It is highly important that we ask for a precise thing or a person. If the request is vague, then our guardian angel will be confused, and it may even send the wrong thing. Therefore, be precise.

Call for ideas and inspiration

If you are feeling lost and uninspired, then you should call your angel to help you deal with these troubles. Just call it: ”Dear Angel, can you please send me ideas and inspiration to help me… so that I know the next steps to take. Thank you.”

Simply say ‘I SURRENDER.’

Yes, it is a good thing if you are a fighter in your life, but when you need the help of your angels, then you should surrender. This is not giving up or waving the white flag. No! Surrender is showing faith in your angels and your higher self. It is calling the angels for help to work together for the best possible outcome. You can say: ” Dear Angels, I completely surrender to you to connect me with my higher self. Please guide my words and actions so that… Thank you.”

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