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7 Tips on How to Start Being Fearless

Fear is a normal emotion which helps us “survive” many situations. It is a human instinct that shows you must fight or run. Still, we mostly stick to those fears, without even trying to move forward with some change. We all must be aware that if we perceive situations as we should, we will learn a lot from our fears. For example, if you are afraid of public appearance, you should better practice it – this will decrease your fear and help you feel comfortable when you speak in public. That is why everyone should at least try to overcome their fears – those fears they will help you progress and become better in your future.

Here are 7 tips on how to be fearless in your daily life.

Admit it

Since fear is a normal thing in our lives, you should definitely be aware of its existence. This is a good strategy if your fear is small, and if your fear is bigger than you think – by admitting your fear you will decrease the level of stress in your body. Ways of admitting fear are many: you can think of it, write about it or get closer to it. The best is to start writing about it since this will help you get closer to it. Furthermore, you will better understand yourself through doing this.

Learn from fearless people

First, think about your future and how you want it to look. Then, connect with people who overcame their fears – whether that is through a book, online or in person. Learn from them as much as possible and that way accumulate needed energy for you. Use their examples to fight your fears and thus progress toward your goals.

Be ready for mistakes

Don’t expect perfection and try to relax. Results will come with time and it is just important to continue fighting. Remember that many people had difficulties before they overcame their own fears. Embrace risk of making mistakes and you will feel relieved – this happens because a fear of mistakes is also involved in the process! Think about successful people as people who once had failures and continued struggling strongly – this will give you strength and knowledge that no one is perfect.

You should read more

This is one of the easiest ways to fight your fear and still is as much efficient as others. Look for the books with this thematic, and read them carefully. Of course, don’t forget to read motivational and inspirational books, so you will feel motivated at the same time.

Visualize the worst case scenario

Always try to think about what is the worst thing that could happen? Try to visualize that event and reconcile with it – in most of the cases, it will never happen, but you will be prepared. Even if it does, people around you will still love you and appreciate you – try not to worry, because life goes on.

Share your fears

Being afraid of other people’s reaction might be frustrating. That is why you definitely should share your fears and thoughts with someone. Choose a person from your family or friends – you can even do this online if you don’t have the courage to talk to someone in person. You will surely be surprised when you discover that every one of us has some fear on our own – that is why no one will judge you. This will further help you to examine your fear from another perspective, and maybe your friend has some valuable advice, too!

Look within your fear

 Think about the root of your fears. Try to remember when was the first time you actually started being afraid of something? How has it affected you by now? Explore reasons and situations in your life that were affected by your fear. Usually, you will conclude that it just stuck you back, although you want to move forward all the time. Convince yourself that fear isn’t going to help you in your future if you want to progress toward your life goals.

Overcoming fear takes time and practice, but it isn’t impossible at all. Remember that your fear isn’t locked inside you forever – it can decrease and even disappear within time. Be persistent and you will succeed if you really want to – fears will leave your life and you’ll get to go forward to your future free of fears!

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